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What Type of Business Insurance Do I Need ?

Business owners are often puzzled about business insurance. Business insurance sometimes is not well understood and small business owners sometimes become underinsured or uninsured by insurance companies, because they don’t specialize in a particular industry. To understand the basics of business insurance we’ve tailored a simple guide for you to determine what may be a proper coverage for your small business. Look under appropriate headings to determine your industry specific insurance coverages. A contractors insurance may be very different from manufactures, so we’ll make it easy for you to understand.

Artisan Contractor

Artisan contractors are among the hardest working people. Day to day operations may include installations, assembly, repair and even manufacturing. Unfortunately Even the most careful and skilled artisan contractors can get into a lawsuit brought by a client or a person who happens to walk by a jobsite. A small accident on a job site can be disastrous and may even wipe out an entire savings account. That’s why it’s imperative to be properly insured. Contractors need the following coverage:

  • General Liability (Important)
  • Workers Comp (Important)
  • Auto Insurance
  • Tools Coverage (Important)

How Much Is Artisan Contractor’s Insurance

Artisan Contractor Insurance can range from $500 to $3500+ a year depending contractor’s trade and risk characteristics. For example a welder may expect to pay a lot more than a handyman, whereas fire sprinkler contractor’s yearly premium could be several thousand a year. The guide below will demonstrate a basic minimum premium guide based on very basic 1 or 2 men operation:


Retailers need several types of insurance. First and foremost it’s Liability Insurance that’s the important. Secondly business personal property coverage, in case you need to secure your inventory or any items your own. For those who have employees on payroll, may be required by the state law to purchase workers comp insurance (Please check with your insurance agent to find out). Another type of insurance would be auto insurance, in case you deliver goods for your customers or drive for business purposes. Retailers in most states need the following coverage:

  • General Liability (Important)
  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Workers Comp
  • Auto Insurance

How Much Is Retail Store Insurance


A manufacturing industry is one of the backbones of any country’s industry. This industry employs thousands of people in any state, ranging from food sector to textile, auto making and so on and so forth. Manufacturers insurance is expensive and a bit hard to obtain. Now of course a small shoe manufacturing business will usually pay a lot less than an electronics product manufacturer. Manufacturers are encouraged to be covered with the following coverage or at least get general liability if it is a startup operations.

  • General Liability (Important)
  • Workers Comp
  • Auto Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Policy

How Much Is Manufacturers Insurance

Professional Services

This industry has wide list of professionals. Architects, engineers, accountants, doctors, land surveyors, Beauty salon owners and many more. Each field has its unique characteristics and business insurance needs. Generally, professionals need the following business insurance coverage, but it’s imperative to have at least GL and PL coverage.

  • General Liability (Important)
  • Workers Comp
  • Auto Insurance
  • Professional Liability (Important)

How Much Is Professional Services Insurance

Auto Service

Professionals in the auto service industry will be required to carry insurance by their landlords when they lease a shop for their operations. They also need protection for a slip and fall incidents as well as if they make a professional mistake while fixing a customer vehicle. The most important insurance coverage would be garage keeper’s liability. This is in case a client’s vehicle is damaged in the shop. Errors & Omissions coverage is another important coverage to consider along with tools and equipment insurance. Here’s the list of recommended coverages.

  • General Liability (Important)
  • Garage Keepers (Important)
  • Tools And Equipment (Important)
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Auto Insurance
  • Workers Compensation (Important)

How Much Is Auto Service/Shop Insurance

Other Businesses

Other businesses include wholesalers, general offices, health industry professionals, fitness centers, import export, building owners and miscellanies services. These class of businesses are generally easier to insure. Yearly premiums range from $250 to $10,000. Here’s a list of some of the policies we have secured for our clients in the recent days.

To obtain an accurate business insurance quote based on your business characteristics please call and talk to one of our agents. Our quoting process is extremely easy.

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