Kiosk Liability Insurance

As the owner of one or more kiosks, your business is probably set up to run almost completely automatically. This is an ideal setup for someone who wants to earn a living without having to put a lot of time and effort into the day to day company operations. As an owner of kiosks however, you are of course still responsible for a number of different duties. You are responsible for the employees who refill and maintain the kiosks and you must keep your customers happy in order to continue earning income. You must also protect your business assets because accidents and unexpected events will happen. General liability insurance for kiosks is one way to help protect your company while also protecting your customers at the same time.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injury coverage is part of your general liability insurance for kiosks that helps protect your customers. If a customer is injured at your place of business, or if they’re injured due to work one of your employees is doing around a kiosk, they may sue your company for their injuries. Bodily injury coverage pays for their medical care and any follow up doctor’s visits or prescription medications so that your company does not have to shoulder that expense directly.

Property Damage Coverage

Sometimes a customer’s property comes to harm because of your company even when the person themselves is not physically injured. Your maintenance person for example, may have a kiosk on a dolly for transport and accidentally run it into someone’s vehicle and cause a dent. Property damages protection is part of your general liability insurance for kiosks that would pay for repairing the car that was dented.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Products and completed operations insurance protects your company from lawsuits and settlements that arise due to products you’ve sold, or services you’ve provided. If you sell a product in one of your kiosks that is later found to be defective and it causes injuries or harm to the people who purchased it from you, they can hold your company legally responsible. This section of your liability insurance policy helps pay for the legal expenses, the customer’s medical bills and related costs that arise from those problems.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Personal and advertising injury protection applies to situations where there are no physical injuries and no personal property is damaged. The type of damage this part of your general liability insurance helps with are claims of copyright infringement, slander, defamation and other personal slights. When allegations of this sort are made, your coverage helps pay for your litigation expenses and it pays settlements or awards as needed.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

When a company rents or leases property for their business purposes, the owner of the property often requires rental premises damage protection to be in effect. This section of general liability insurance for kiosks helps make sure that the property you rent is fully protected. Whether you rent office space to meet with new clients or you rent garage space to perform maintenance on your kiosks, if there are damages caused to the property by your company then this part of your insurance pays for the repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

General liability insurance for kiosks may include medical expense limit coverage. This insurance reduces the chances that a minor accident or injury will turn into an expensive and time consuming legal action. Medical expense limit coverage allows payments to customers for minor injuries whether your company is at fault for the incident or not. This often helps to prevent lawsuits from being filed over the event in the future.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance for kiosks will limit the total amount of money that’s paid per person for each occurrence of a claim.
  • General Aggregate – Your kiosk general liability insurance policy defines a general aggregate amount as well. This is the combined total amount of coverage available regardless of how many different claims are filed.