Washington Small Business Insurance

If you live in Washington, you have access to 552,884 small businesses in a wide array of industries. If you happen to own one of them, getting Washington small business insurance should be a priority. This is particularly important if your company is among the 140,342 small firms here with employees. But even if your small business is one of the 412,542 without employees, you still need a way to protect your building and anyone who visits it. Here’s how.

Washington Small Businesses Need The Following Insurance

Protect your business (GL): Regardless of the number of people who come to your business on a regular basis, there is always a chance that someone will get hurt while visiting your property. Someone could fall down some steps, slip on a wet floor, or trip over debris. Even those who don’t hurt themselves might end up with damaged property while at your business, such as when their car hits a pothole in your parking lot. You need to be prepared for such events, and getting Washington small business insurance that has general liability coverage is your best option. This is because liability pays for medical bills and repairs for anyone who is hurt or ends up with damaged property at your place of business.

Insure Your Property (BPP): Businesses of all kinds need business personal property coverage, because you never know when your building will be damaged in any way. Burglars, storms, and fires are all common risks to most small businesses, and having BPP as part of a Washington small business insurance policy is a great way to be prepared for them. This coverage will pay for repairs to the building and can even replace anything that is lost or damaged beyond repair.

Employee Protection (WC): Washington’s small businesses employ about 1,230,227 people altogether. All of those employees deserve to be covered by workers compensation in case they are ever injured at work. This coverage can pay for everything from hospital bills to missed wages. That’s why whether you employ one person or hundreds, it’s important that you add this coverage to your Washington small business insurance policy. Not only will it protect your employees, but it will also protect you, because it will pay for your legal expenses if your employees ever sue you after an injury.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: If you only have the minimum amount of general liability coverage, you might want to increase it with excess liability. This is a type of umbrella coverage that simply expands the amount your general liability coverage will pay for. It’s easy to add it to your Washington small business insurance policy, and you will be glad you have it if there is ever a major accident of any kind on your business property.

Cyber Crime Liability: If issues like identity theft and data breaches concern you, it’s time to get cyber crime liability added to your Washington small business insurance policy. After all, most businesses that use technology are at risk for these problems, so it makes sense to protect your firm in this way.