Pennsylvania Small Business Insurance

If you’re the owner of one of the 999,591 small businesses in Pennsylvania, it’s imperative that you get insurance coverage that will protect what you’ve built. Otherwise, one disaster involving your business could cause you to lose everything. Considering that small firms in Pennsylvania are responsible for employing 2,445,023 people, it’s important for local businesses to get the protection they need. This can come from a Pennsylvania small business insurance policy, assuming it has the following coverage.

Pennsylvania Small Businesses Need The Following Insurance

Protect your business (GL): The first coverage type to look into is general liability, since this is how business owners are able to pay for the medical treatment of anyone who is injured on their property. So whether a customer slips on a wet floor or a health inspector trips over equipment, general liability will cover any bills from the emergency room, doctor’s office, or even physical therapy years later. Another reason to make sure your Pennsylvania small business insurance policy has general liability coverage is that will replace or repair the belongings of any visitor who can prove that the damage occurred while at your

Insure Your Property (BPP): If you want to show your pride in your business and continually welcome customers to your property, you need a way to ensure that it always looks its best. This means you cannot wait long to clean up or make repairs after a sewer backup, vandalism, fire, or other disaster that damages your building. The simplest way to make sure you can always afford fast repairs is to get business personal property coverage when you get Pennsylvania small business insurance. Another advantage of this coverage is that it will pay for replacements when you lose merchandise, décor, or furniture due to a covered event, such as a burglary or fire.

Employee Protection (WC): If you own one of the 225,382 small businesses in Pennsylvania with employees, it’s crucial that you get workers compensation. The reason for this coverage is that it will ensure you have the funds available to pay for the care employees will need when they are injured while working at your business. Whether they fall off a ladder or cut themselves while opening a box, they deserve to have their medical expenses paid for by your Pennsylvania small business insurance policy. This can even pay them a portion of their missed wages if they cannot work for a period of time after their injury.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: The point of adding excess liability to your Pennsylvania small business insurance policy is to increase your general liability coverage. This means your policy can pay more for covered incidents that occur at your business, reducing the chance that you will have to pay out of pocket after an expensive claim.

Cyber Crime Liability: You can decrease your worries about cyber crime when you get liability that guards against this type of wrongdoing. So if you are concerned about how a data breach might affect your business, it’s time to add cyber crime liability to your Pennsylvania small business insurance policy.