Insulation Contractor Liability Insurance

You work with powerful, protective but complicated material like fiberglass, cellulose, foam, mineral wool, concrete blocks and structural insulated panels to name a few. Putting the proper insulation in the right places is a critical part of any construction project.

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But as you know, your job does have its risks.

A business crippling lawsuit is probably the main risk you undertake. The best way to reduce, if not totally eliminate that risk, is to purchase top of the line insulation contractor liability insurance. This is not a purchase to make with a sub-par insurance company. Select a reputable insurance carrier.

Insulation Contractor Liability Insurance

Your general liability (GL) insurance covers a lot of risk which is especially useful if your business faces a massive liability lawsuit.

Look for your general liability policy to pay out on the following:

  • Any bond premium required by the court
  • The amount of time you spend working on your case
  • All costs related to your case including expenses incurred by lawyers, the court, witnesses and procuring documentation
  • Court ordered judgments or amounts that come out of a settlement agreement

Many Are Covered

Insulation contractor insurance covers your employees performing duties for your business no matter if you are a sole proprietor, partnership or incorporated.

There Are Several General Liability Coverages

The main GL policy typically covers the following:

Bodily Injury: Pays out to anyone injured while on your premises including medical and loss of services costs.

Property Damage: Damages to another’s property in the course of doing business will be paid out under this coverage.

Products and Completed Ops: This is a very important coverage, if you install any material that is later found to be defective and causes damages, this coverage will pay out on related claims.

Medical Payments: Minor injuries, usually up to about $10,000, are paid out of this coverage.

Personal and Advertising Injury: If you damage the reputation of another through advertising, this part of your general liability policy will pay out.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: If, when you rent or lease building space, your business damages that structure or space, this coverage will kick in.

Know that your liability limits are established by occurrence. That limit is the maximum amount that will be paid out on each individual claim. The aggregate is a maximum total limit that will be paid out on your policy when all of the claims are added together.

Contact the professionals at USA Business Insurance for comprehensive, insulation contractor specific liability insurance.