Artisan Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance

The job titles of artisan contractors range from drywall installers and carpenters to electricians and plumbers, to name a few. The positions and job duties may vary quite a bit, but one thing they all have in common is a chance of being injured or killed at work. That’s why there is a need for artisan contactor workers comp insurance

Medical Care

If a visit to a doctor or hospital is necessary, you need to make sure the related medical bills are covered. Your employees should not have to pay for their own medical care to treat an injury from work. Whether a plumber slips on the water streaming out of a pipe and breaks a bone or an electrician shocks himself, the artisan contactor workers comp insurance will cover the costs of treatment by a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist.

First Aid Treatment

In some cases, an artisan contractor’s injury is not severe enough to require a trip to a hospital or clinic. Maybe it only requires a bandage or antibiotic cream. That’s when it’s nice to have the option of paying for the first aid care yourself instead of making a claim on your artisan contactor workers comp insurance policy. Make sure you have the first aid supplies on hand if you plan to take this route.

Temporary Disability

Some injuries require the employee to take a few days, months, or even years off to recover. When this occurs, your employee will still need income to pay bills, and that’s why artisan contactor workers comp insurance covers lost wages. As soon as the artisan contractor sees a doctor and gets a note that says he or she cannot go back to work right away, the financial benefits of temporary disability can begin. Employees can get two-thirds of their normal wages for up to two to four years, depending on the injury.

Permanent Disability

Your business insurance needs to include coverage that will compensate employees who are permanently disabled as a result of the job. This means they are so seriously injured that they cannot return to this job in the future, which can impact their livelihood. Fortunately, artisan contactor workers comp insurance can provide the compensation your employees need if they are ever disabled after being injured on the job.

Death Benefits

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, drywall installers, and other types of artisan contractors are often at risk of being not just seriously injured on the job, but possibly killed. This is why your artisan contactor workers comp insurance policy needs to include death benefits as part of its coverage. This type of compensation will go toward funeral expenses so that the family of the deceased worker does not have to pay them. His or her dependents may also receive compensation to help make up for the lost income of the deceased employee. The amount of money the family gets from this part of your business insurance policy will depend on how many dependents are in the family and how old they are.

Artisan Contractor Workers Comp Cost