Janitorial Services Insurance

Janitorial service businesses provide services to other businesses. Your job is to get contracts to clean office buildings and retail spaces. Whether you actively participate in the cleaning services yourself or you simply manage a team of cleaning employees, you have many important details to keep track of each day. Don’t risk losing the time, effort and money you have already invested in creating your successful business. Protect your company and assets with the right levels of.

General Liability Insurance For Janitorial Services

General liability is a broad business insurance coverage option. It helps protect your company from potential liability costs that can arise due to accidents, injuries, property damages and more. General liability covers most of the hazards and disasters that might arise, and it grows with your business to provide protection for new services and business locations.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Business Owners Policy (BOP) is particularly useful for small businesses like yours because it allows you to configure insurance coverage that meets your specific needs. A BOP includes general liability protection and adds a number of different types of property protection.

  • Equipment Breakdown – If your carpet steam cleaner breaks down halfway through a workday, your company can find itself unable to fulfill contracts. Replacing valuable business equipment is costly as well. A BOP can help protect you from the expenses breakdowns cause.
  • Buildings and Contents – Janitorial service companies must keep their own offices or storage buildings despite conducting services at the client’s location. If your structures are damaged in a storm or the furnishings, supplies and equipment inside are ruined from a flood or fire, a BOP can help cover the cost of repairing and replacing these assets so that you can continue operating your business effectively.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – When disasters strike they can interrupt your business schedule. Damage to structures can force you to rent temporary business locations at additional expense.
  • Products and Completed Operations (Included in General Liability) – Despite your best efforts there are times when a product you use in cleaning causes problems or harm to a client. Problems can arise after you’ve finished a contract as well. A BOP can protect you from the liabilities that might arise in these situations.
  • Electronic Data  – Your janitorial services company may keep client contracts and employee schedules in digital form on computers. This is cost and time efficient. If your electronic data files are corrupted, damaged or lost however, they can be quite costly to replace.
  • Valuable Papers Protection – If you keep critical business documentation in physical form, replacing those can also be expensive. A BOP can help with the costs for researching and replacing those as well.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Your employees have access to janitorial supplies and other company assets that cost money. If an employee steals from you or commits other dishonest acts, a BOP can help protect you from those losses.

Business Auto

Commercial auto insurance can protect your company from expensive losses caused by auto accidents.

Workers Compensation

Janitorial companies cannot be run effectively without a team of employees. As an employer you must, by law, protect your employees with  workers comp insurance . This coverage pays the employee’s medical bills and related expenses if they ever get hurt on the job.

Surety Bond

To secure contracts for your company, you will need to be bonded. A  surety bond provides a guarantee to your clients that you will fulfill specific obligations as outlined in your contract.