South Carolina Small Business Insurance

There are 379,565 small businesses in South Carolina. They span multiple industries, with some of the most popular being construction; professional, scientific, and technical offerings; and real estate, rental, and leasing. But regardless of which industry local businesses are in, one thing they have in common is that they can all benefit from the right South Carolina small business insurance policy. You’ll see why once you know what kind of coverage is available.

South Carolina Small Businesses Need The Following Insurance

Protect your business (GL): When you protect your business with general liability, you’re also protecting your customers or even anyone who steps foot on your property. This is because liability coverage can pay for the medical care of people who get hurt while visiting your business. This could extend to customers buying products from you, clients attending a meeting, or inspectors making sure your property is up to par. No matter who they are, if they get hurt at your place of business, your general liability coverage should pay the medical bills. An additional bonus of adding liability to your South Carolina small business insurance policy is that it can pay for repairs if someone’s personal property is damaged at your place of work.

Insure Your Property (BPP): It can be hard to keep your business at its best when you are faced with issues like vandalism, sewer and drain backup, heavy storms, fires, or any other situation that may result in damage to your building. That’s why BPP is good to have on your South Carolina small business insurance policy, since it pays for several types of damage. It can even pay to replace anything that may be lost or damaged inside your building, such as products or décor.

Employee Protection (WC): There are 75,238 small firms in South Carolina that have employees. This means there are 75,238 firms here that need workers compensation. After all, there is always a risk of getting hurt at work, and when this happens, employees need to know they will have their medical needs met without having to pay out of pocket. When you include workers compensation with your South Carolina small business insurance policy, you make it easy to ensure that your employees are not saddled with medical debt after a work injury, and they will even be eligible to be paid by this coverage while they take time off to heal.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: Any time you have people on your business property, there is a slight chance they will be injured in some way. Whether a fire breaks out or a heavy shelf collapses, you need to know you can afford to pay for the medical needs of everyone who is hurt. That’s why business owners who want some peace of mind often add excess liability to their South Carolina small business insurance policy.

Cyber Crime Liability: Many business owners are concerned about how frequently cyber crime cripples companies in every field. But instead of worrying about the various ways in which it could ruin your business, you should protect yourself with the proper coverage. It’s as easy as including cyber crime liability with your South Carolina small business insurance policy.