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Artisan Contractors Tools Insurance

Artisan contractors of all kinds need a variety of tools to perform their job duties every day. This is why it’s so important to protect them with insurance that specifically covers the tools that are essential for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and more. Artisan contractor tools and equipment insurance can cover tools that you have either purchase or rented, since they can be expensive to replace. Regardless of the kinds of tools you use in your business, take a look at the coverage you need for them.

Tools And Equipment Insurance For Artisan Contractors

It’s not unusual to rent expensive equipment and tools that you need for your job as an artisan contractor. At the same time, it’s not unusual to misplace those tools and equipment or even have them stolen at some point. If you cannot afford to immediately replace them as needed, it’s important for you to obtain artisan contractor tools and equipment insurance. Whether you are leasing a box of tools you need for a plumbing project or inspection equipment specific to the electrical industry, you should find out more about artisan contractor tools and equipment coverage.


One of the most important details to know is that your artisan contractor tools and equipment insurance can pay to replace the tools and equipment you borrow. Without this type of coverage in your business insurance, you would be left to buy your own replacement after an important tool you leased is stolen, misplaced, or damaged beyond repair. Just choose enough coverage to pay for the entire cost of replacement to fully protect your business when you rent tools and equipment.

Newly Acquired

When you buy new products to replace damaged or missing tools and equipment, you need to insure them. This way, if the replacements are compromised in any way, you can replace those, as well.

Pollutant Cleanup

If your equipment or tools malfunction during use, the result could lead to pollution if you are not prepared. For example, a machine that you use in your industry could release oil or fuel when it breaks. If you do not want to be responsible for the costs involved with the cleanup process, your artisan contractor tools and equipment coverage needs to include the cleanup of pollutants.

Extra Expense

A lot of equipment and tools for artisan contractors tend to be complex and therefore hard to replace or repair. When you have to wait a particularly long time to get your items back in working order, you will be glad to have artisan contractor tools and equipment insurance. Otherwise, you would have to rent a replacement or simply stop doing business until you have what you need once again. That’s why you need this coverage as part of your business insurance policy.


There is always a chance that a thief will take your equipment or tools, leaving you without a way to get your work done until you pay for replacements. Fortunately, your artisan contractor tools and equipment coverage will pay for the items you need to replace after they are stolen.