Landscaper Liability Insurance

Owning your own landscaping business allows you to make money while doing things you enjoy. While you enjoy providing expert landscaping services to your clients, as the owner of the business you’re also required to stays on top of many other details. You must keep your clients happy so that your company can be profitable, while managing employee and job location schedules amongst many other things. One way to ease some of your burdens is to carry general liability insurance for landscapers.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Landscapers general liability protection includes bodily injury coverage. This part of your insurance helps protect your company and your customers if accidents bring them physical harm. When customers get hurt they may sue you. Your bodily injury coverage pays for their medical care instead, saying you from the legal and financial impact.

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Property Damage Coverage

If your company’s actions or employees damage a clients personal property, they may hold you legally liable. Property damages coverage is the section of your landscapers general liability insurance that protects you in those instances. If, for example, one of your employees dents a clients vehicle with the lawnmower, property damages coverage will pay to have that repaired.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Your landscapers general liability insurance protects you when problems arise due to products and services you’ve sold. If you sell a product for example, that makes your client violently ill, she may sue your company for her related medical expenses. If one of your employees accidentally clips an electrical wire while trimming hedges and that starts a house fire, the client will sue your company for those damages. Your products and completed operations coverage protects you from the legal and financial issues that can arise in cases like these.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Sometimes allegations are filed against your company for claims of harm that aren’t physical or property related. Claims of slander and libel can create big financial difficulties for your company. Even if you’re not guilty of the claim, you’ll still have to spend time and money defending yourself against the allegations. Personal and advertising injury is the portion of your landscapers general liability coverage that helps protect you from these issues when claims arise.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

When your company rents its business space, the owner of the building that you rent may require proof that you carry rental premises damage protection. Whether your company rents a storage warehouse for your landscaping equipment or you rent retail or garage space, this portion of your landscapers general liability insurance helps protect the property your company rents. It protects that property by paying for damages to the structure if the need arises.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expense limit coverage is another section of your landscapers general liability insurance that is designed to help protect your company financially and legally, while also taking care of your customers. If a client or customer sustains minor injuries and claims it is because of your company or employee, this section of your insurance allows small medical related payments without needing an admission of fault. This can help limit potentially larger settlements or legal actions.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – Commercial liability insurance for landscapers has an each occurrence limitation built in. This means your policy pays up to a specified amount per person per claim occurrence.
  • General Aggregate – Your policy will also specify a general aggregate amount. This is the total maximum level of coverage your policy provides. Once individual each occurrence limits total the general aggregate amount then your policy will be deemed as exhausted.