Texas Small Business Insurance

Texas has a whopping 2,412,717 small businesses, and each one of those deserves to be protected. Fortunately, that’s easy to do when you have Texas small business insurance with the right types of coverage. Considering that 4,275,868 people are employed by these small firms, it’s particularly important to make sure they all have the right business insurance so that millions of jobs are not compromised when a disaster occurs. Here’s what makes Texas small business insurance so crucial to have.

Texas Small Businesses Need The Following Insurance

Protect your business (GL): Anyone who ends up injured as a result of going to your business should have their medical treatment paid for. The same goes for anyone whose personal belongings get damaged while on your property. You can make the process easy on everyone by making sure your Texas small business insurance policy includes general liability. It pays for everything from hospital and doctor bills to repair and replacement fees for damaged items. Without general liability, you could be held responsible for these costs or you could face legal action, which is why it’s so important to add this coverage to your Texas small business insurance.

Insure Your Property (BPP): No matter what type of business you own, you are at risk for a variety of incidents that could cause damage to your building. They include fires, storms, and vandalism, to name a few. And whether you sell products or simply have expensive equipment in your office, you will be glad to have BPP coverage in case of burglary, since it will replace anything that gets stolen or damaged. Basically, if you could not afford to instantly replace or repair certain equipment, inventory, or parts of your building, you need the financial help that BPP can offer.

Employee Protection (WC): Unless you run your small business without any help, it’s crucial that you obtain workers compensation along with your Texas small business insurance. The reason you need this is to pay for the medical needs of any employees who get injured on the job. Without workers compensation to cover the costs, you will likely be expected to pay for their hospital visits, physical therapy, and even missed wages on your own. Otherwise, your employees can sue to make sure you pay so they do not have to. And while they may still try to sue even if you have workers compensation, this part of your Texas small business insurance policy can help with your legal costs.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: You need to have general liability in case someone is injured at your place of business. The only way to protect your business even more is to increase your coverage with excess liability. This is the simplest way of reducing the chance that you will have to pay for any claims out of pocket.

Cyber Crime Liability: If you have ever thought about how cyber crime could destroy your business, you need cyber crime liability when you get Texas small business insurance. This way, you can focus less on worrying and more on successfully running your firm.


Businesses We Insure In Texas

General Contractor

USA Insurance understands that safety is paramount in the construction industry. This is why we offer Texas general contractor insurance policies to address all of your needs. Our Texas general contractor policies offer a comprehensive suite of protection, from coverage for unexpected claims to bonds that protect your commitments to workers compensation solutions that protect your most important asset: your employees! Let us take care of the complex details and give you peace of mind with Texas general contractor coverage!

Pool Cleaning

Protecting your pool cleaning business in Texas against unexpected challenges is vital. USA Insurance knows the risks and responsibilities pool cleaners are faced with. We provide specialized Texas pool cleaner insurance. Our customized package includes liability insurance to protect against claims, surety bonds to guarantee service commitments and worker's comp to ensure your staff's safety. You can focus on providing excellent service to your clients while we protect your business. Let us help you protect yourself as you enter the world of pool cleaning.

Tattoo Shop

Texas tattoo shops need protection from the unexpected in the world of tattoo artists. Our Texas tattoo shop insurance is a tailored solution for tattoo artists in the Lone Star State. We provide liability insurance for unplanned claims and professional liability that will strengthen your business commitments. Workers' compensation is also available to protect your artists. With our Texas tattoo shop coverage, you can focus on your work and your clients with the confidence that we have your back.