Business Auto Insurance for Landscapers

As a landscaper, you and your employees may be required to drive to multiple places each day. The increased level of driving between customer work locations can increase the chances of an auto accident. Whether you drive your personal vehicle, landscaper trucks or company crew vans, landscaper’s business auto insurance is an important type of protection that your company continually needs. Commercial auto insurance for landscapers provides financial protection for you and your company by preventing you from common financial problems that are frequently caused by auto accidents. Auto accidents may destroy a vehicle that you are driving, or damage the professional tools and landscape materials you regularly carry inside. When your business auto insurance policy is structured appropriately, it protects your company from vehicle or equipment losses. It can also provide coverage for damages caused by collision related accidents, theft or rollover events. With added bodily injury protection, you and your employees are covered for the cost of injuries with medical and emergency care.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance For Landscapers

Commercial auto liability insurance for landscapers protects vehicles that you and your employees drive for work. Liability insurance protects your company by limiting the amount of damages or loss that you or your company must absorb when you’re the cause of an auto accident. It also protects other drives from having to pay for the damages they did not cause. Liability auto insurance for landscapers applies when you or one of your employees is driving for work purposes, such as driving between jobsites for example, or delivering supplies and equipment.

Combined Single Limits

A combined single limit (CSL) policy is liability insurance that provides one fixed amount of benefits per accident. It does not place limitations on bodily injury or property damage benefits. Instead, it provides coverage for you up to the maximum limit set in your policy. For example, if your employee causes an accident that damages another vehicle but does not injure anyone, most of your CSL policy benefits will pay for property damage payments with little or nothing applied to bodily injury payments.

Split Limit Policy

A split limit policy limits the total benefits that are available for specific types of damages. Individual states set their own minimum coverage amounts, and your specific policy determines what the maximum payouts are for property damages and bodily injuries separately.

For example, if you choose a split limit policy of $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 for your commercial landscaper’s auto insurance:

  • Your policy would pay no more than $100,000 for each individual’s bodily injuries.
  • Your policy will pay no more than $300,000 for the combined total of bodily injuries.
  • Your policy will pay no more than $50,000 for the combined total of property damages.

Physical Damages Coverage

Physical damages insurance is extra coverage protection against potential business vehicle losses. For example, if one of your landscaper employees has a roll over accident while driving the company tool truck, the truck might suffer severe damages. Carrying physical damages protection on your business auto insurance policy ensures that you’ll have the means to replace the truck.

Physical damage insurance coverage may include:
Other Optional Coverages