Commercial Auto Medpay Coverage

Medical payments insurance coverage is sometimes referred to as “MedPay” coverage. This portion of your commercial auto insurance coverage pays for medical and related injury expenses that you or your passengers receive in an auto accident.

Medical payments coverage takes care of you and your employee’s medical expenses regardless of fault.

Who Needs Medical Payments Coverage?

Anyone who wants to be sure they are taken care of medically in an accident should carry medical payments coverage. Since this is a no-fault coverage, it ensures that you, your family or employees, and anyone else who is traveling in your vehicle at the time of the accident has their related-medical expenses taken care of.

Some states require all drivers to carry medical payments insurance on their commercial auto insurance policy while other states do not make it available at all. Contact us to discuss the options available for your specific business situation.

Medical Payments Coverage Limits

When you set up your commercial auto insurance policy you must choose the maximum coverage limits you desire for medical payments. The maximum coverage amount you select for medical payments is on a per person basis. If for example, you select $30,000 as your medical payments limit, the insurance policy will pay up to $30,000 in accident-related injury bills for each person who was traveling in your vehicle.