Workers Comp Insurance for Janitorial Services

What’s covered under workers comp insurance for janitors and office cleaners? How to apply for WC insurance and what are the rates? To learn more read on…

Medical Care

When you hire any employees for your janitorial services business, workers compensation becomes a legal requirement. The law is designed to protect you as the business owner from the potentially high costs associated with accidents that occur on the job. If one of your janitors is injured while working for you, they are entitled to receive reasonable and necessary medical care. This could include doctor visits, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, medications, dental care, and more.

First Aid Treatment

Even if an accident is very small, your workers are entitled to basic first aid care. The costs of first aid are also included in your workers compensation for your janitorial services business. Your employees may have multiple minor incidents, as working as a janitor is a physical job. The cost of first aid in these instances is very small and making claims on your business insurance may end up costing more than simply paying for the first aid. For this reason, in many states you are allowed to pay for the care rather than turning to your workers compensation.

Temporary Disability

Besides paying for medical care, your janitorial services workers compensation insurance will pay for lost wages when a worker is unable to return to the job a few days after an accident or illness. When this happens, your employee is entitled to payments through temporary disability. To get them, the worker must be declared temporarily disabled by a physician. Temporary disability payments through your insurance are designed to cover about two-thirds of your worker’s lost wages for a maximum time period determined by law. For most injuries, the maximum is two years, but for others it is four years.

Permanent Disability

When an incident on the job is more serious, it may result in a disability that is permanent. An accident that does not seem severe in the moment can have lasting effects that keep your employee off the job indefinitely. In this case, your worker is entitled to permanent disability payments through the workers compensation insurance for your janitorial services business. A physician may declare an employee permanently disabled soon after the accident, or they may determine the extent of the disability only much later. Either way, the worker can receive payments to compensate for the fact that they can no longer work. The amount of the total disability payment is determined based on several factors: the person’s age, their occupation at the time of the accident, the extent of their disability, and their ability to earn a living in the future.

Death Benefits

In extreme cases, an employee may die at work or as a result of an injury suffered on the job. Your janitorial services workers compensation insurance will make payments to the deceased’s dependents and will cover the reasonable costs associated with a burial.