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The law requires that any artisan contractor business that has employees have particular insurance. This is protection for if and when a worker is hurt while working on the job. You are at a huge risk if this insurance is not in place and an employee were to be injured.

The risks involved could involve workers in the business’s primary location or it could happen off-site, visiting clients, or conducting any number of other work-related activities. The worker may need basic first aid, additional care of a doctor, a hospital visit, dental care, rehabilitation, diagnostics, prescriptions, or any number of other services. These costs can pile up.


Having an injury at work can be a stressful situation. The stress not only affects the injured person, but also the owner of the business. The owners may feel sympathetic, or even feel responsible, whether they had any direct responsibility or not. However, that is not the only consideration.

A business owner is also responsible for a business, which means they need to think about the stability of their business and how any accident could affect the business and the environment. Having workers compensation insurance is necessary. In the case of an artisan contractor, it is important to think through the various components of a typical insurance policy and consider the ramifications.

Medical Care

Regardless of who may or may not be at fault, an employee is entitled to have medical treatments paid for when dealing with injuries sustained on the job. This also includes anything work-related that may cause them to become ill.

First Aid Treatment

Minor injuries are often covered in many workers compensation insurance policies. These may require one-time aid or treatment, which may seem inexpensive, but can sometimes add up.

Temporary Disability

If the injury that was sustained on the job is serious, beyond simple first aid, then the worker could be entitled to temporary disability. This includes paying for lost wages. This and many other liabilities are based on doctors and their expertise on determining the condition of the worker.

Permanent Disability

When an injured employee is seriously hurt and this means they are not able to return to work ever, determined by a doctor, then the worker may be eligible for permanent disability. The amount that this worker is compensated can vary and is determined by the percentage of your disability which is determaind by the doctor and more importantly, worker’s compensation law.

Death Benefits

In serious cases, an employee’s death due to workplace injury can result in additional liabilities to the business workplace. These may include burial services or payments to the deceased’s family or dependents. The amount of all of these can vary depending on the state law, and the level in which dependents are reliant on the deceased.