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Artisan Contractor Coverages to Consider

You need insurance, not just for protection, but because you need peace of mind. Many risks can come along that can threaten not only your well-being, but the business that you have worked hard to grow.

From injury to your body, your business-related vehicle, or your office space, there are many considerations to account for when looking at artisan contractor insurance. Every business is unique, and requires a clear look at the risks that would be associated with your business if it did not carry the proper types of insurance. Getting the right one can mean protection in the most vulnerable times.Plasterer Working On Interior Wall


Artisan Contractor Insurance will help you with the insurance products that are needed to best protect you no matter what is in store for your business and your personal future. When you are a professional business owner, your employees, clients, and business operations become an important but also vulnerable part of day-to-day operations. The right insurance protects the investments and assets in an effective and cost-effective way.

There are various insurance options that are customized, especially for specialized situations such as artisan contractors. Many of the most important options are detailed below.

General Liability Insurance

The primary part of any commercial insurance is general liability insurance, which is often a required part of renting a building or office. You want any general liability insurance to be versatile and protect your business assets in a number of situations. This includes product liability and the issues that may arise with it, accidents, and damage to the actual business space.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s insurance policy (or BOP) is another important type of insurance that many businesses find important. This protects you from unexpected and disastrous that result in you needing to halt work, which in turn results in you losing income. Ideally you should be able to customize this policy, giving you the opportunity to include any specific needs of your unique business.

Workers Comp Insurance

When you hire employees, it is legally required to acquire workers’ compensation insurance as part of the business insurance that is required. This is the coverage that protects you in the case of an injured worker, or whether the worker becomes ill or even killed. You may be surprised the instances in which you can become liable.

Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

When you have professional liability insurance, or E & O, you are protected in situations in which a mistake is made (by you or any employee) and the customer involved loses money. Making mistakes is inevitable. Don’t be subject to costly issues because you are not covered in these situations.

Business Auto Insurance

Having a vehicle used for your business purposes can open yourself up to liabilities. Whether you have employees traveling from one company to another or you yourself travel from one client to the next, there is a chance that an accident will occur and will involve you into liability issues.