Ornamental Welder Workers Comp Insurance

When you offer ornamental welding services, your workplace is considered a bit riskier than usual, regardless of how many safety rules you and your staff follow. After all, a major part of this job involves working with an open flame on a daily basis, which means your employees are frequently at risk of getting burned. That’s why you need ornamental welder workers comp insurance for the sake of your employees.

Medical Care Coverage

No matter how many employees work at your business, you’ll appreciate the fact that ornamental welder workers comp insurance covers any type of medical care that injured employees need. If one of your welders burns himself or herself on the job, for example, any bills for the ambulance, hospital, and long-term care will be paid for by insurance. Even if the injury is minor and unrelated to welding tools – such as if an employee slips in a wet break room or bathroom – any medical treatment that may be necessary will be covered by the medical care portion of your ornamental welder workers comp insurance policy. As you can imagine, this will save your business a lot of money.

Temporary Or Permanent Disability Coverage

It’s not unusual to have to use temporary or permanent disability coverage after a burn or other work injury when you’re in the welding industry. If your injured employee cannot work for months, years, or ever again, he or she will be relieved to have this coverage to help make up for the income he or she is missing out on. Without this coverage, your employee might consider suing your company to make up for the missed income, so you should feel just as relieved as your staff to have it.

Other Benefits And Coverage

If it turns out your employee can still work for your company after the injury, but cannot perform the same job, your ornamental welder workers comp insurance will pay for any training expenses. This way, you can ensure that your employee still has a job, but it’s one he or she can do comfortably after the injury. An additional advantage of your ornamental welder workers comp insurance policy is the ability to offer death benefits to the family members of any employees who are killed on the job.

Employer Regulations

One of the best reasons to make sure your employees are covered by ornamental welder workers comp insurance is simply that it is a legal requirement in most states. If you neglect to get this coverage as part of your business insurance, you might be sentenced to jail time and fines.

Employer Benefits

Another reason to obtain ornamental welder workers comp insurance is that it will protect your business not just legally, but also financially. This is because if you do not have insurance to cover your employees’ various expenses after a work injury, you might have to pay for them yourself. Such expenses might include medical bills, missed income, disability, and death benefits, so clearly the costs can add up fast. That’s why you’re better off leaving it up to your insurance company to pay for these expenses when they occur. As an additional benefit, your ornamental welder workers comp insurance coverage may attract quality employees who appreciate knowing that they’ll be protected in the event of a work injury.