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General Liability Insurance


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Welder Liability Insurance

Independent welders and the owners of welding shops have a lot to be responsible for. Your job is to provide excellent welding services at a reasonable price and within a reasonable amount of time. As the owner of the business however, you have a number of many other responsibilities and duties. You must acquire new customers so that your company stays profitable, while also managing the satisfaction of your existing client base. Your employees must be scheduled, trained and managed, and your business assets must be protected. Some of the protection you need can be obtained with welder insurance.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injury protects your customers when they are at your business premises. If a customer accidentally burns themselves on a hot piece of metal that one of your employees was welding for example, the bodily injury portion of your general liability insurance will pay for the costs that they will have for going to the doctor or hospital.

Property Damage Coverage

General liability insurance for welders also protects you from lawsuits and expenses that can arise if a customer’s property is damaged at your business location. Property damages protection pays for the cost to repair those damages, or pays to replace the property if it is destroyed.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

If you sell products to your customers that cause physical harm or illness, products liability insurance will pay for the customers to seek medical care. Products and completed operations coverage applies to products that you have manufactured as well. The completed operations section of the welder insurance coverage protects you when a service that your company provided brought harm or damages to a customer.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Sometimes lawsuits are filed when there have not been any physical injuries or property damages. Claims about personal injuries however, can generate lawsuits instead. Personal and advertising injuries are allegations of wrongdoing against a person or company, such as saying false things, accusations of slander, or accusations of wrongful use of intellectual property.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If your welder’s business operates out of a leased or rented business space, then rental premises damages protection is very important coverage for you. This section of your general liability insurance policy protects the property that your company rents. If one of your employee’s has an accident that causes an oxygen tank to explode, it may damage the building that your company rents. Rental damages protection pays for the costs associated with repairs to the property.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expense limit coverage is a section of general liability insurance for welders that can help your company avoid larger, more expensive lawsuits when small accidents happen. This coverage will pay for minor injuries to customers and it doesn’t require you to admit to being at fault for the injury.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – The each occurrence limitations of your general liability insurance places limits on the total amount of benefits that can be paid to a person for individual occurrences of claims.
  • General Aggregate – This is the total combined amount of coverage your policy will provide, regardless of how many individual claims there may be.