Insurance for Mall Kiosks & Booths

Running a Kiosks business is one way to own a profitable business without having to service customers face-to-face. You may not need to keep a retail space open or keep regular business hours. However, you do have a lot of money invested into equipment and placement contracts and there are always unexpected business risks that must be accounted for. Protect your business and assets by making sure you have the right levels and types of small business insurance.

General Liability For Kiosks

General liability insurance protects your company from unexpected accidents, hazards and disasters. If a customer somehow manages to injure themselves on one of your kiosks, general liability will cover the associated medical and hospital costs. This coverage can also protect you from losses caused by natural disasters and other hazards, whether you expect them or not.

Business Owners Policy (Bop) For Mall Kiosks

business owners insurance policy, or BOP, provides you with general liability plus various forms of property protection. You can pick and choose the policy options based on the specific needs of your kiosk business.

  • Equipment Breakdown – A BOP can protect you from losses that are caused by equipment failures and malfunctions. For example, if a Kiosk is damaged from electrical problems at its company location, the BOP may cover the costs involved with repairing or replacing the machine.
  • Buildings and Contents – A business owners policy protects your company from losses to the structure and other physical assets. For instance, if you store Kiosks in a warehouse when they are between contract locations and they are damaged in a wind storm, the building and the equipment inside may be damaged.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – When structural and equipment damages are severe enough you may have to temporarily relocate or close your business. A BOP can provide for extra expenses that arise from the loss such as loss of income or an additional location to temporary conduct your daily operation.
  • Electronic Data – Files and data that your company keeps in electronic format are subject to damage. Whether a virus erases the files or an electrical surge corrupts the data, it can be expensive for your company to replace.
  • Valuable Papers Protection – If you keep service contracts, warranties and customer contracts in paper format, your BOP will reimburse you for the expense incurred in order to relocate the valuable documents.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Employee dishonesty accounts for as much as six percent of the annual revenue losses for small businesses. Protect your company from employee theft, fraud and other dishonest actions with your BOP.

Business Auto Coverage For Mall Kiosks

You and your employees drive vehicles to deliver kiosks and provide service to the machines. Protect your company from losses that occur with auto accidents by setting up a commercial auto insurance policy. This coverage can pay for damages to vehicles involved in an accident and medical coverage for anyone injured in the event.

Workers Comp Insurance For Mall Kiosks

All states in the United States have laws that require employers to carry workers comp insurance. This coverage protects your employees in the event that they get injured during or because of work.