Chiropractor Business Insurance

As a licensed chiropractor, the primary focus of your medical services business is your clients. Your objective is to keep them in the best health that you can by providing them professional medical services. Chiropractors have specialized medicines and equipment in their offices that would be costly to replace. Losing patient care records to a catastrophe may be too much of a financial burden for your small business to handle on its own. Just as your office provides specialized services for your clients, your commercial insurance coverage needs to be tailored to your specific business needs as a Chiropractor.

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General Liability

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Property Coverage

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Workers Compensation

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance provides comprehensive protection against potential problems that may arise in your business. Liability can protect you from financial difficulties that arise from a client getting injured while on your business premises for example. It can also protect you from client damages that arise due to products you use while providing services to them. If a client claims that services you provided to them in the past injured or harmed them financially, general liability will cover that as well.

General liability is useful for small businesses because it automatically covers new office locations or new products and services that you choose to offer. This means you do not have to worry about continuously updating specific business insurance policies as your company grows.

Business Owner’s Policy

business owners insurance policy (BOP) is ideal for small businesses like yours. This insurance includes general liability, and expands coverage to protect you from a variety of other potential problems. Business owners insurance protects your company from the financial burden of physical asset losses. It covers your Chiropractor office and other business structures as well as the contents inside.

BOP will cover damages to improvements you’ve made in your office, such as creating a soothing interior design style to make your clients more at ease. BOP protects your computer data files and records, specialized software, computers and medical equipment that you may have on the premises as well.

Professional Liability Or Malpractice

Medical professionals are not inhuman. They make mistakes just like anyone else does. When a Chiropractor makes a professional mistake it can cause severe financial stress for the business. Professional liability insurance helps protect you from the expenses involved when professional errors or omissions happen.

Commercial Auto Coverage

If you travel for business purposes, business auto insurance helps protect your company from the financial losses that arise due to auto accidents. Business auto insurance can be designed to cover company vehicles only, or rented, loaned and personal vehicles as well. If you use any vehicle for any business purposes, such as visiting a client in their home or driving to a professional seminar, your business needs commercial auto insurance.

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage

Busy Chiropractor offices need employees in order to operate smoothly and efficiently. Any business that has employees is required by law to carry workers comp insurance. Workers compensation covers your employee’s medical and financial needs if they are ever injured on the job.

Talk to a commercial insurance specialist today to start designing just the right levels of protection for your Chiropractor business. Then you can focus on taking care of your clients while we focus on taking care of your small business insurance needs.