Chiropractor Liability Insurance

Owning your own chiropractor business allows you to utilize your education and training while taking care of people who need you. Your customers rely on your expertise to help them when they’re in pain, and they trust you to know what’s best for them. Independent chiropractors have a lot of responsibilities. Aside from your customer’s needs and expectations, you have office staff and employees to manage, suppliers to coordinate, bills to pay and business assets to protect. Help ease some of your burden with general liability insurance for chiropractors.

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General Liability

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injury is the section of your general liability insurance for chiropractors that takes care of your patients when they are physically injured on your business premises. This coverage is applicable when accidents happen, such as a patient tripping on a loose piece of carpeting in your waiting room. Bodily injury protects you and your patients from having to shoulder the full financial expenses associated with medical care or related recovery costs.

Property Damage Coverage

Property damage is the section of your general liability insurance policy that protects your customers if their personal property comes to harm while they’re at your business location. For example, if a patient’s vehicle is damaged by a falling light pole in your parking area, your property damages protection can pay for that car to be repaired.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

General liability insurance for chiropractors includes protection for claims against the products you’ve sold and the services you’ve provided. When a product or service is found to have been defective and it is believed to have caused damages or injuries to your customer, they may sue your company. This section of your business insurance helps pay for damages or injuries, in addition to your legal defense expenses or settlement costs.

Personal And Advertising Injury

General liability insurance for chiropractors provides you with personal and advertising injury coverage. If legal allegations are made against your company that claims you caused personal injuries, this coverage helps protect you. Personal injuries can include claims of character defamation or slander for example. Advertising injuries might include the unauthorized use of a person’s photo in your company brochure.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Chiropractors often rent or lease office space inside of another building. As a leased business space, the owner of the building might require you to carry insurance that protects that structure from damages and loss. General liability insurance for chiropractors includes rental premises damages coverage that meets this requirement. If your company causes damage to the business space that you rent, this part of your insurance will pay for the repair expenses.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expense limit is a section of your general liability insurance policy that allows you to resolve minor injury issues. If a customer claims to have been injured at your business location and the harm is relatively minor, this section of your insurance policy will pay for the treatment expenses so that you can avoid larger, more costly actions or claims later.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance for chiropractors limits the total amount of benefits that can be paid per person per claim.
  • General Aggregate – Your policy will dictate a general aggregate amount, which is the combined total maximum limit of coverage for all incidents, individuals and claims.