Professional Liability for Chiropractors

Chiropractors are a special type of medical professionals that focus on the proper alignment and health of the body instead of relying on medications and invasive procedures. While not everyone feels that a chiropractor is a real doctor, your patients trust in you and rely on your implicitly. They know you have had extensive schooling and training, and that you do not take your profession lightly. You also know that if you make a professional mistake, it could have life-long consequences for your clients. That’s why it’s so important for you to carry Chiropractors professional liability insurance.

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Professional liability insurance for medical professionals is known as Malpractice Insurance coverage. If you make a professional error in caring for a patient, they may sue you for injuries, pain and suffering or other losses and damages. Sometimes a patient may sue your company even when you are not at fault for their problems. Chiropractors professional liability can help when professional claims arise, regardless of whether they are warranted.

For example, you may have a patient sue your company because they are unable to lift fifty pounds of weight to perform their job. They may claim that your back alignment services caused an injury that prevents them from working. Your chiropractors professional liability insurance will help protect you from the legal and financial fallout that is caused by lawsuits of this sort.

Depending on the scope of your Malpractice Insurance policy, chiropractor’s professional liability coverage can pay for the costs of your legal defenses. It can also pay for the income that you lose because of time off work while dealing with the lawsuit, and it can pay the patient’s settlement or award when applicable.