Web Developer Business Liability Insurance

Web designers and developers are a growing type of business with plenty of room for further opportunity. Whether your business focuses on being an independent web designer and developer or you run a bustling office with many people on the staff, there are a number of details you must attend to on a daily basis. Besides keeping your customers happy with your services, you must schedule your employees, make sure the office is supplied properly, handle subcontractors or suppliers and attend to basic business administrative duties. General liability insurance for web designers and developers takes care of one important detail for you: protecting your business assets.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

When customers and clients visit your web designer’s offices, the furthest thing from your or their mind is having an accident. When accidents do happen however, people can be physically injured and require hospital or medical care. Bodily injury coverage is the section of your general liability insurance policy that addresses these needs. It pays the bills and related recovery expenses if someone is hurt while at your offices so that you don’t have to.

Property Damage Coverage

Some accidents cause damages and harm to property instead of people. If a customer is visiting your web developer’s offices and an accident happens that causes damage to their personal property, they may sue your company. They may, for example, plug their tablet computer into a wall outlet to charge it. If there is an electrical short it could damage or destroy the customer’s tablet. General liability insurance for web designers and developers includes property damages coverage to pay for these types of repairs.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Products and completed operations is the section of your general liability insurance that protects you when other things go wrong. If you sell a product that turns out to be defective for example, or if you complete services that later prove to be faulty, it can cause damages or harm to your clients. This section of your insurance pays for repairs, settlements, and legal costs as need.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Other types of injury claims can arise due to personal or advertising issues. One of your suppliers for example, may file legal claims against your company because they feel you have made false statements about them. A customer may claim that you used their business logo in your advertising without permission. Personal and advertising injury is the section of your general liability insurance for web designers and developers that addresses these issues. It can provide for your legal defense costs and pay settlements or awards when necessary.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Web designers and developers often rent office or server space from other companies. When you do not own the building or property that you conduct business operations from, you need to have rental premises damage protection. This can be included as part of your general liability insurance policy. If you cause damages or harm to come to the building or structure that your company rents, this part of your insurance will pay for the repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

When small accidents cause minor injuries, medical expense limit can be helpful. This is available as part of your general liability insurance policy to help your company avoid larger, more expensive legal actions later. Even if your company is not at fault for a customer’s injury, this coverage can pay for the medical treatment.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance for web designers and developers will pay a maximum limit for each occurrence of claim per person.
  • General Aggregate – The combined total maximum coverage supplied by your policy, regardless of the number of each occurrence claims, is referred to as the general aggregate amount. Once this limit is reached, your policy is unable to pay additional claims.