Business Insurance for Web Designers & Developers

Web designers and developers are still somewhat of a new breed of business. You provide special, highly skilled services to your customers in the form of websites and Internet programming applications. As a business professional, you need to focus on your client’s needs so that your business can be profitable and successful. Many web designers and developers do most of their work online. They do not feel they need normal insurance coverage because their business is unique. There are a number of risks, that can potentially ruin your company if they’re not prepared for and protected with small business insurance from the start.

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General Liability


Professional Liability

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Workers Compensation

General Liability Insurance For Web Designers

General liability is a business insurance option that helps protect you from a wide variety of potential financial hazards. For example If you allow customers to visit your web design studio, general liability will cover the expenses if a customer becomes injured in your work space.

General liability protects you if a product you sell harms or damages a customer in some way. If for example, you sell a website hosting package to your customer and they suffer financial losses because the service is interrupted, they may blame you. General liability will protect your company from that liability.

General liability insurance expands to automatically include new products and services you offer, so it grows as your business grows.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners insurance policy includes general liability coverage and protects you from many other kinds of businesses losses. A BOP is particularly useful for small businesses like yours because it protects your business assets.

If your computer is damaged by a power surge, a BOP will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the machine. It will also provide you with lost income while you’re waiting for repairs. Business owners insurance protects your mobile devices, files and data from loss while you’re away from the office as well.

If you use specialized design software and programming applications to provide business services to your clients, a BOP will protect those from loss and damage as well. If an application is rendered useless due to a computer virus for example, the BOP will replace the software so that you can continue normal business operations.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is extremely important for all service professionals. This business insurance coverage helps protect you when you make mistakes on a project, or omit critical information that causes your client to suffer financial hardship.

Commercial Auto

If you drive to a client’s office or travel in an automobile for business specific reasons, you need commercial auto insurance coverage. Commercial auto insurance protects your personal or company vehicles and their drivers. This insurance can be configured to cover auto accidents in vehicles that you rent for business purposes as well.

Workers Comp

If your web design company has employees, you are required by law to carry workers comp insurance. Workers comp takes care of medical and related expenses for your employees if they are injured on the job. It also covers expenses if they become ill due to job specific conditions.


Sometimes you cannot win the really big, lucrative web design and development contracts unless you are bonded. A surety bond is a guarantee that you will honor specific terms you agree to in a contract with a client.

Contact us today to discuss these and additional small business insurance options that are the best fit for your web design and development company.