Auto Glass Shop Insurance

As the owner of an auto glass shop, your primary focus needs to be on taking care of customers so that your business is successful. All businesses come with individual sets of risks, and without proper preparation you can encounter problems that risk putting you out of business. A simple customer accident or unexpected disaster can put more financial strain on your small business than it is capable of handling. Small business commercial insurance policies are designed to protect you financially against potential problems so that you can continue growing and prospering.

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Workers Compensation

General Liability Insurance For Auto Glass Shops

General liability is a comprehensive commercial insurance that covers all potential hazards that are not specifically excluded from your general liability insurance policy. It protects you from financial losses due to injuries in your auto glass shop. It also protects you from liability due to products you sell, or work you have completed.

If for example, your auto shop sells a special glass cleanser and a customer has an allergic reaction to the product, your business could be sued. General liability covers the costs and damages associated with that product sale instead. Likewise, if you install a defective windshield and your customer suffers injuries from that installation, general liability can protect your company from those resulting damages.

Coverage above and beyond what is allowed on your general liability policy can be increased with a commercial umbrella policy.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owners policy is designed specifically for small businesses. It is a commercial insurance policy that offers combined coverage for property, liability and loss of income.

business owners policy (BOP) protects you from the loss of structures that you own, lease or rent, such as the building your auto glass shop operates from. This policy also covers business assets that may be off site at a customer location. It covers improvements you’ve made to the business structures and contents or assets you have inside the structure as well.

Some of the assets and contents a BOP will cover for you include specialized tools and machinery, important papers and files, and electronic media. If you use specialized software to manage your customer’s warranties and it is damaged by a computer virus, a BOP can help you recover the data and replace the software.

Business Auto Insurance For Auto Glass Installers

Many small business auto glass shops take their business to the customers. When you provide mobile business services, your business needs to carry commercial auto insurance coverage. Business auto insurance covers vehicles owned by your company, personal vehicles an employee uses for business purposes, and leased or loaned vehicles. Depending on the level of coverage you choose, commercial auto insurance will replace or repair vehicles damaged in an accident. It will also pay for medical expenses incurred due to a business auto accident. It may also cover theft and vandalism, or other types of impact damage events if appropriate coverage is selected.

Workers Comp Insurance For Auto Glass Installers

You are required by law to carry workers comp insurance when you have employees. Workers compensation protects your auto glass shop from being sued for injuries or illnesses caused by or on the job. It also covers your employee’s medical expenses caused by job-related injuries or illnesses.

Call or visit our offices so that we can create a comprehensive business insurance package that fits the needs of your auto glass shop.