Auto Alarm & Audio System Installers

Installing auto alarms and auto audio systems can be both fun and rewarding. You get the pleasure of putting in specialized audio systems for entertainment and the reward of helping keep your customer’s property safe. You have spent a lot of time and money building your business to a successful level. Protect the trust you have built with your customers by covering your company with commercial insurance that meets your company’s specific needs.

General Liability

When customers come to your place of business there is always the risk of someone getting hurt or their property getting damaged. Regardless of who is at fault, your company can be held liable and have to pay damages. General liability insurance can protect you by covering the damages for you. It can also help you with expenses that arise from natural disasters, general hazards and other unexpected events.

Business Owners Policy (Bop)

business owners policy (BOP) is particularly useful for small businesses such as yours. It provides you with general liability coverage by default and allows you to custom tailor other types of coverage to fit your specific business needs.

  • Equipment Breakdown – Installing auto alarms and audio systems requires specialized equipment. If that equipment breaks down and you don’t have breakdown coverage in your BOP policy, you would have to pay for repairs and replacements out of company funds.
  • Buildings and Contents – Auto alarm installation companies keep retail spaces to display products, and shop spaces to perform the work. A BOP can protect you from the loss of your business structure and the tangible assets you have inside. For example, if a flood destroys the carpet in your retail show room, a BOP can cover the cost of replacing it.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – Some disasters are severe enough to force you to suspend business operations or temporarily move them to another location. A BOP can provide you with lost income and help with the extra expenses when events like these occur.
  • Products and Completed Operations – If you sell an auto alarm system that is later found to be faulty; your company can be held liable if the customer’s vehicle is stolen.
  • Electronic Data – Keeping your customer and supplier records on a computer is cost effective and efficient. If those records are damaged, a BOP can cover the expenses that arise for replacing and recovering them.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – It is estimated that small businesses lose over $400 billion annually due to dishonest actions of employees. Dishonest coverage can protect you from losses that are caused by employees stealing money or supplies for example, and for charging personal expenses to the company credit accounts.

Business Auto

Commercial auto insurance protects your company from having to pay for damages that result in auto accidents.

Workers Compensation

The United States requires all employers to protect their staff with workers comp insurance. This protection is designed specifically for accidents and injuries on the job. If an employee is hurt, workers comp can take care of hospital and doctor expenses, prescription costs, and follow-up treatment or disability.

Surety Bond

If your auto alarm and audio system installation company works with expensive or rare vehicles, or if you want to obtain corporate and government clients, your company will need to be bonded. A surety bond provides a contract guarantee to your customers.