Insurance for Glass Tinting Businesses

Glass tinting businesses tend to be quite flexible. You can structure your business so that customers come to your repair shop or you can provide on the site service instead. Some glass tinting businesses provide both options for the most flexibility. In either case, you may find yourself facing unexpected risks, accidents or hazards that could bankrupt your business if you’re not prepared for them. Establishing solid commercial business insurance coverage from the start will help protect your company now, and into the future.

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General Liability

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Property Coverage


Professional Liability

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Workers Compensation

General Liability

General liability is a commercial insurance that helps protect you from potential everyday problems. If you’ve ever worried about a customer hurting themselves while they are waiting for you to complete their glass tinting job for example, then general liability is the answer. It pays bodily injury damages in addition to customer property damages. This insurance can also cover your company from potential liability due to products you sell. It grows as your company grows, and provides comprehensive coverage from events you may never expect to happen.

Business Owners

business owners insurance policy, or BOP, is particularly useful for small businesses like yours because it provides you with different types of property protection in addition to providing general liability coverage.

  • Equipment Breakdown – A BOP covers expenses if important business tools and equipment becomes inoperable.
  • Buildings and Contents – A BOP protects you from the loss of your business buildings and the tangible assets you have inside. If you have office desks and shop tools for example, that are damaged in a natural disaster, a BOP can cover the cost of repairing or replacing the buildings and equipment.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – When disasters strike they can sometimes cause your company to temporary suspend operations. If you are unable to use your workshop due to roof damages, your company will lose income while waiting for the repairs.
  • Products and Completed Operations (Included in General Liability) – If you sell your customers a glass cleaning product that makes them sick, a BOP can help cover the liability and damages.
  • Electronic Data – If your company is like most modern glass tinting businesses, you keep important data in digital form. If this data gets corrupted from an electrical short, a BOP can help with the costs of recovery.
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings – When you’re ready to expand your business operations or open a new location across town, a BOP can provide protection for your new business structures.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – When employees commit dishonest acts, your company suffers financially. Whether they steal tinting supplies and tools, give products and services to family members without authorization, or use the company credit without permission, a BOP can help protect you from the resulting financial damages.

Commercial Auto

If you provide mobile glass tinting services then your company and personal vehicles should be covered by commercial auto insurance. If you or an employee is in a car accident while driving for business specific purposes, this coverage will take care of the damages and repairs.

Workers Comp

Having employees means you must also have workers comp insurance. This coverage legally required in every state. Works comp takes care of medical expenses, time off work and disability when one of your employees is injured.