Professional Liability for Veterinary Offices

Veterinary offices are important businesses in cities and in rural areas. A large percentage of the population owns one or more pets, and they rely on your veterinary offices to help them when their pet needs medical attention. Whether they are visiting your offices for a basic checkup and booster shots, or because their animal is sick, they trust you to know what needs to be done. However, if you make a mistake or your customers believe you have, they may take legal action. You can protect yourself from these events by carrying veterinary offices professional liability insurance.

Veterinary offices professional liability insurance protects you when you make a professional mistake that brings harm or loss to your customers and their pets. Also known as Malpractice Insurance, this coverage will help if lawsuits are brought against your offices that you are not at fault for.

For example, what if an assistant in your office gives a dog a shot of medication instead of a booster shot? If that dog becomes ill from the shot, or has other problems, its owner may sue your veterinary offices for the mistake. Carrying veterinary offices professional liability insurance helps protect you legally and financially when mistakes of this sort arise.

Depending upon the scope of your Malpractice Insurance policy, veterinary offices professional liability coverage can pay for the legal expenses that arise when lawsuits are filed. It can also pay for court settlements and awards to customers when applicable.