Veterinary Office Insurance

Veterinary offices have unique businesses because they must provide services to both humans and animals at the same time, while keeping both species happy. Whether you operate a small business that services only specific types of animals or you treat all types of animals and even travel to farms and ranches to provide your services, there are several different types of insurance that are critical to the smooth operations of your business.

General Liability Insurance For Vet Offices

As a small business owner, it’s difficult to prepare for every potential problem or issue in advance. General liability insurance is designed to help your veterinary office cover all of the mundane and basic issues that can potential arise with your customers, their human owners, your staff, your office documents and computer equipment. General liability acts like a blanket insurance coverage policy because it tends to cover most small business insurance needs even if they aren’t specifically listed on the insurance coverage policy.

Business Owners Insurance

business owners insurance policy is particularly important for veterinary offices because it is specifically designed to provide you with protection for your office buildings and structures. If a storm destroys the outdoor kennel fencing for example, business owners insurance may cover the cost of repairs and replacement. If the storm damages the roof of your office building, the insurance will pay for the roof repairs and pay for you to use a secondary office location while the repairs are being made to the roof. Business owners insurance is also important for coverage on your office furnishings and specialty equipment such as the exam or operating room tables.

Business Auto Insurance

If your veterinary office sends professionals to treat animals outside the office — such as visiting a ranch to administer antibiotics to cattle, or visiting a farm to help birth a baby horse — your company needs commercial business auto insurance coverage. This auto insurance works similar to personal insurance to help protect your company from having to absorb the loss and expenses related to auto accidents. Business auto insurance pays for repair and replacement of your company vehicles after a collision and takes care of medical expenses for anyone who may have been injured in the accident. Different levels of coverage exist that may help you recoup the expenses related to lost medications and equipment in the accident as well.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is designed to help protect your veterinary office from mistakes. Whether the mistake came from you or one of your employees, professional liability will remunerate your clients or customers if the mistake caused them financial hardship.

Other Veterinary Office Insurance

Other types of insurance your veterinary office needs include workers comp and surety bonds. If you have employees working in your office, you are required by law to carry workers comp insurance. Accidents happen regardless of how careful we are, and workers comp insurance helps pay the costs associated with medical care and recovery if one of your employees is injured on the job.

Surety bonds may be needed if your veterinary office provides services to show animals, other businesses, or government entities. A surety bond is a guarantee that you will provide the services as laid out in the contracts you sign with your customers.