Plastic Product Manufacturer General Liability Insurance

For plastic product manufacturers, obtaining high quality insurance that meets each business need is vital to maintaining a business that can continue to be productive despite the “bumps in the road” that sometimes come along with owning a manufacturing company. Good, comprehensive planning for plastic product manufacturer general liability insurance coverage and plastic manufacturer business insurance will keep your business headed in the right direction, despite unexpected events that may come your way.

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Bodily Injury Coverage

Your plastic product manufacturer general liability insurance will cover you in the event that an injury is sustained on any of your grounds. Additionally, the scope of this insurance also covers both physical and mental suffering and consequent legal or medical expenses that result from injury or suffering due to the fault of your company. Circumstances such as a client reacting to any of the plastic products you manufacture or in the event that an accident occurs in one of your buildings are protected under general liability.

Medical Payments

Medical payments are disbursed to those individuals who have sustained bodily injury regardless of the policy owner’s liability, as long as the accident falls under the covered circumstances which the policy states.

Property Damage

If your plastic product manufacturing company were to be at fault for damaging another individual’s property, for example while delivering your products to vendors, you will have protection from the legal expenses of litigation and also the corresponding financial responsibility that develops.

Fire Legal Liability

Under (CGL), or standard commercial general liability, the policy holder is covered dependent on the “damage to premises rented to you” limit. Your liability coverage is typically provided as a provision to policy exclusions that are applied to the property in your care, custody, or control (CCC). Fire legal liability gives you coverage to rented premises, including the garages in which your business occupies.

Products And Completed Operations

When you deliver your products, unfortunately the threat is always there for litigation if a client is not satisfied with your product, or if it harms them, or damages property. However, when you are protected with products and completed operations coverage, your financial assets are kept secure in the event you are sued.

Personal And Advertising Injury

The “gray” areas of perception are covered under personal and advertising injury. As a manufacturer and business owner, you could be accused of slander, libel, discrimination, invasion of privacy, and other similar claims which lead to lawsuits. This coverage under your plastic product manufacturer liability covers you and keeps your assets protected.

Building Coverage

Plastic product manufacturer business insurance is a great way to add protection to the very structures you rely on to do business. This coverage relates to any property damages that would occur to buildings that you list on your policy and also includes any permanent upgrades and improvements you make on them.

Business Personal Property Coverage

Cover whatever is important inside your business with business personal property coverage. List important items on your policy such as your equipment, important furnishings, and even files – whatever property that is important and kept in your business can be opted into your BOP plan.

Additional Coverage Available In BOP

Ask about additional coverage: Inland Maine, Hire and Non-owned Auto, Valuable Papers, and Employee Dishonesty.