Furniture Manufacturer Insurance

In the furniture manufacturing industry, the 50 biggest companies are responsible for a little under half of the revenue. About half of the companies make household furniture, while one third of companies in this field make office furnishings. But what all companies in this industry have in common – whether they’re large or small and whether they make office or household furnishings – is that they need a good furniture manufacturer insurance policy. Once you see what this type of business insurance covers, you will see why it is necessary to have.

General Liability for Furniture Manufacturers

Every business insurance policy needs general liability because it’s the coverage that will pay for any necessary medical treatment when someone gets hurt on the premises. So whether a customer trips and falls over a coffee table or simply slips on a wet floor, your liability coverage will take care of the hospital or doctor bills. The same goes when customers injure themselves on your furniture after they buy it and bring it home. This portion of your furniture manufacturer insurance will even apply to any lawsuits brought against you when a competitor accuses you of libel, slander, or copyright infringement.

Business Owners Policy (Bop)

Another coverage your furniture manufacturer insurance should have is BOP. The types of coverages in this policy include everything from business personal property and accounts receivable to equipment breakdown and electronic data processing. It’s also good to know that this type of business insurance will pay for repairs if your building and its contents are damaged by a fire. It provides coverage when your business is robbed, as well.

Commercial Auto Coverage For Furniture Manufacturers

If you offer furniture delivery as a service, it’s important to know that your personal car insurance policy will be considered useless if you cause an accident while driving for your business. This is why the typical furniture manufacturer insurance policy includes commercial auto coverage. It will pay to fix any property damage or injuries you cause someone else when you are in a collision while driving for your business, making it invaluable as part of your policy.

Workers Comp Insurance For Furniture Manufacturers

Whether you have one employee or dozens, you need to ensure workers comp is part of your furniture manufacturer insurance policy. After all, when employees are dealing with large, heavy objects like furniture on a regular basis, there is a good chance they will be injured at some point while at work. When they are, it’s important that you know that this portion of your business insurance will pay for the necessary medical treatment, even if it includes rehabilitation. Workers comp also pays employees the wages they lose while they recover from injuries sustained in the workplace. So if you want to ensure your employees are taken care of in the event of an injury, you need workers comp.

Excess Liability

Make sure your furniture manufacturer insurance includes excess liability, which is also called umbrella coverage. This way, if your liability limits are ever exceeded by a costly claim, you won’t have to pay out of pocket, because excess liability will cover the rest.