Workers Compensation Insurance for Woodworkers

As a wood worker, workers compensation insurance may be necessary to have in case your employees get hurt on the job.

Medical Care

Your injured workers or those who have become ill on the job are entitled to get any medical treatment necessary. Your wood worker workers compensation will help you avoid losing your business to the costs of these treatments. It will cover anything that is reasonable and needed such as hospital stays, office visits, rehabilitation, physical therapy, diagnostic tests, prescriptions and more.

First Aid Treatment

In the event that one of your shop employees is hurt in a minor way that requires only basic first aid, they are still entitled to receive that treatment at your expense. Your workers compensation for your wood workers business can cover the costs of these minor instances, but making a claim might be more trouble than it’s worth and can end up costing you more money than the expense of first aid. For this reason, many states allow you to pay for basic first aid out of your own pocket rather than resorting to workers comp.

Temporary Disability

Your wood workers shop workers compensation is designed to protect you from the costs of expensive medical treatments for your hurt employees and also to provide them with lost wages. If your worker cannot return to the job within a few days of an accident, your business insurance covers their temporary disability payments. A physician is required to make the distinction that an employee cannot return to work, but as long as they do, the worker is entitled to payments for lost wages. The workers compensation for your wood workers shop covers these costs. An injured employee gets up to two-thirds of their wages as payments for up to two years. A limit of four years is set for certain specified accidents.

Permanent Disability

In extreme accidents, an employee may become disabled to the extent that they are unfit to return to the job at all. In this case, a physician will have to declare them such and then they become eligible to receive permanent disability from your wood worker business workers compensation. An employee may become permanently disabled immediately after an accident, but they may also be declared as such after the fact. The amount that your hurt worker receives in compensation is calculated based on the current workers comp laws. The calculation takes into account things such as the employee’s age when injured, their ability to earn a living in the future, and the severity and extent of their disability. They will also have the option to receive the payments every two weeks until the full amount has been paid or to get it all in one settlement.

Death Benefits

In the unfortunate event that one of your employees is killed on the job or as the result of injuries suffered there, your workers compensation for your wood workers business will cover associated costs. It pays for reasonable expenses for burial and payments to the deceased’s dependents.