Cabinet Installer Liability Insurance

With home renovations and new home constructions on the rise, cabinet installers are in high demand. While installing cabinets may seem like a relatively risk-free profession, things can go wrong unexpectedly. To protect your business against potential risks, it’s important to carry cabinet installer liability insurance.

A cabinet installer liability insurance policy includes a variety of different coverages that will protect you in the event of a third-party lawsuit. Liability insurance is usually optional, but it can be required to get a business license in your state. In addition, some clients may require your business to have this type of insurance before they will sign a contract.

What Cabinet Installer Insurance Covers

A standard cabinet installer general liability insurance policy covers your business in many of the situations you could face on a daily basis. When you take out a policy, here are the coverages you get.

Bodily Injury

Cabinet installers rely on equipment like ladders and power tools to install new cabinetry. More complex jobs might involve the use of jigsaws or routers. Your cabinet installers are likely trained in safety precautions, but people can still get injured during an installation job.

For example, imagine that you finish up at a job site for the day and leave your tools behind. The homeowner walks through the kitchen and trips over the toolbox that you left, which causes them to fall and injure their knee. In this case, your bodily injury liability coverage would pay for your legal defense if the homeowner sued you for causing their injury.

Property Damage

Even the most experienced cabinet installers can make mistakes. If you aren’t careful during the installation process, you may accidentally damage the home you’re working in. Fortunately, your property damage liability insurance can help pay for lawsuits related to property damage. It will also cover the cost of repairs if you are found responsible.

For instance, let’s say that you need to use a saw to cut down a cabinet door. The saw ends up cutting into the hardwood floor below, leaving a huge scratch. If the homeowner sues your business for property damage, your cabinet installer liability insurance would cover the cost of repairing the damaged floor.

Products And Completed Operations

Sometimes, homeowners can find issues with their new cabinets long after you have completed the job. Installation problems are not always your business’ fault—you may receive faulty cabinets from the manufacturer, for example. Products and completed operations insurance protects your business in lawsuits related to problems with finished jobs.

Here’s an example. Say you install a new set of bathroom cabinets. A few months after the job, the homeowner realizes that the hinges are severely rusted. The cabinets are falling apart, and they decide to sue your business. You assess the hinges and realize that the cabinet maker provided the wrong hardware. In this case, your products and completed operations insurance would pay for your business’s legal fees.

Medical Payments

In the event of a third-party bodily injury claim, the medical payments portion of your cabinet insurance policy takes effect. This policy will reimburse the third party for some of their medical expenses, like an ambulance ride, surgery, stitches, or hospital stay.

However, the medical payments portion of your cabinet liability insurance policy has a limit, which is usually around $10,000. If the third-party’s medical expenses exceed your medical payments limit, they might be able to get additional compensation from your bodily injury liability policy.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Does your cabinet installer business run advertising or marketing campaigns? Personal and advertising injury insurance can protect your business in claims of slander, copyright infringement, or libel.

For instance, imagine that you launch a TV ad with a new slogan. A competitor in the next town sees the ad and accuses you of stealing their slogan, which sounds very similar. Even if you did not intentionally copy your competitor, your cabinet liability insurance company would pay for your legal defenses if you had to go to court.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Many cabinet installation businesses rent an office space to see clients and store equipment. If you rent a commercial workspace from a landlord and you cause accidental damage inside, your cabinet insurance policy will pay for the repairs.

For example, let’s say that you accidentally leave your table saw running all night and it catches fire, which damages one of the walls in your rented workspace. In this case, your cabinet insurance policy would pay to fix the damage, as well as your legal fees if a lawsuit was involved.

What's Not Covered Under Cabinet Installer Liability Insurance

Cabinet installer insurance protects your business from many of the most common risks you may face. However, there are some things that cabinet installer liability insurance does not cover, including:

  • Intentional injuries or property damage
  • Injuries to employees
  • Tools and equipment

Before you get a cabinet installer insurance policy, make sure to read your policy carefully. You might need to purchase supplemental policies, like tools insurance, to fill gaps in your coverage. If you are unsure about the details of your policy, you can always speak with an agent who can walk you through it.

Other Insurance For Cabinet Installers

A general liability insurance policy is one of the most beneficial types of insurance for cabinet installation businesses. However, there are other policies you might consider, as well, including:

How Much Is Cabinet Installer Insurance

Cabinet installer insurance premiums are based on a variety of factors that are unique to your business. Insurance companies consider your location, the number of employees on staff, and your business insurance claim history to calculate your rate. In addition, the type of policy, coverage limit, and deductible will also affect the cost. On average, the cost of cabinet installer liability insurance starts or $39 per month.

Why Do Cabinet Installers Need Insurance?

We’re big believers in keeping things simple, so ask us anything and we’ll answer honestly and without the jargon.

Why Do Cabinet Installers Need Insurance?

Fitness centers and gyms have a lot of inherent risks involved in the business. There are lots of ways for people to hurt themselves or otherwise experience a loss. If you don’t have insurance, you must pay for these claims on your own. This could bankrupt a small business that doesn’t have the savings to pay for it.

What Are The Risks Facing Cabinet Installers?

Cabinet installation is pretty safe, especially when following the right safety precautions. However, it’s possible for a worker to fall off a ladder, hurt themselves while operating a power tool, or develop overuse injuries. In addition, workers installing cabinets may accidentally damage the home or building they are working in, which could lead to a property damage claim.

Are Cabinet Installers Required To Have Liability Insurance?

Some cabinet installation businesses need to have liability insurance. However, it depends on several factors. In some cities and states, cabinet installers need to carry liability insurance in order to get a business license. In addition, some landlords require cabinet installers to show proof of insurance before they can sign a lease on rented office space.

How To Get Cabinet Installer Insurance

If you want to purchase insurance for your cabinet installation business, the process is simple. However, you’ll want to do some research first to consider your coverage needs. Here’s a brief overview of how to get cabinet installer insurance:

Decide on a coverage limit: Decide on a coverage limit: First, figure out how much coverage your business will need. The amount of coverage available will depend on your insurance carrier. Most cabinet installer liability insurance policies have an aggregate limit and a per-occurrence limit. First, figure out how much coverage your business will need. The amount of coverage available will depend on your insurance carrier. Most cabinet installer liability insurance policies have an aggregate limit and a per-occurrence limit.

Shop around and compare providers: Whenever you purchase insurance, it’s a good practice to shop around and compare several providers. The first insurance company you land on might not be the best option for your needs. Take a look at customer reviews, coverage limits, policy offerings, accessibility, and discounts.

Get quotes: Next, get rate quotes from the insurance companies you are considering. Your premium can vary significantly based on the company you apply with. Choosing the company with the lowest quoted premium will ensure you are getting the best rate.

Buy your policy: The last step is to choose a company, submit a formal application, and purchase your policy. Many insurance companies allow you to purchase a policy online, but you can also call an agent if you prefer to have someone walk you through the process.

Are Monthly Payments Available For Cabinet Installers Insurance?

We offer easy monthly payment plans with most of the polices. Usually a down payment is required to start. Payment plans may include 9 or 10 monthly options depending on the qualifying business.

What Are The Penalties To Cancel My Insurance Policy?

USA Business Insurance Services doesn’t penalize customers for policy cancellations. When you cancel your Insurance, you are not required to pay penalties.