Cabinet Maker Liability Insurance

Cabinet makers provide goods and services to their clients that the clients feel are very important. Your customers want the best quality cabinets that they can get for the most reasonable price. As a cabinet maker you may sometimes create very elaborate, unique designs for high end customers. You may also create utilitarian and inexpensive cabinets to satisfy the needs of more frugal clients and those who must furnish cabinets to many places, such as apartment building owners and builders. Your days are busy and you’re responsible for many details related to your business. One of the details is to make sure you’re company and its assets are fully protected. That’s why you need general liability insurance for cabinet makers.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When customers visit your cabinet making shop, they do not expect to come to harm while there. Accidents happen however, and if someone is injured, your general liability insurance policy has bodily injury coverage to take care of it. This pays for your injured customers to receive medical care. They won’t have to pay the bills and neither will your company.

Property Damage Coverage

Property sometimes gets damaged accidentally. When a customer is visiting your cabinet shop and an accident happens, it can cause harm to their property. Their car may be dented for example, or an employee may accidentally damage a wall while they’re at the customer’s home. Property damages protection is the area of your general liability insurance for cabinet makers that takes care of these problems.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Products and completed operations is a section of your general liability insurance that protects you when there are problems with things you’ve sold or services you have rendered. When you sell products to people and one of the products is defective in some way, that can cause injuries to the people who purchased. Also when you provide services, damages or harm can be discovered later. If customers feel that the services you provided are the cause of the damages, they will sue your cabinet making business.

Personal And Advertising Injury

If your company is sued with claims of slander, libel, copyright violations or other types of personal or advertising injuries, this section of your policy comes into play. It is part of your general liability insurance for cabinet makers and it pays for legal costs and expenses, lost wages due to time off work, and settlements of cases if necessary.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

As a cabinet maker you maintain a work shop to create the cabinets that customers order. You may also maintain a separate business retail space to make direct sales. If your workshop, retail space, offices or other business locations are rented, rental premises damages protection is needed. This area of your general liability insurance policy helps protect your rented and leased business locations and structures from loss and damages directly.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expense limit coverage can help protect you from larger lawsuits. If a customer is physically injured at your cabinet shop but those injuries are minor, this insurance will allow you to offer payment of the medical bills even when you’re not at fault for the injuries.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance limits the total maximum amount of benefits it will pay per person per claim.
  • General Aggregate – General aggregate is the maximum total coverage available on your general liability policy, for all individual occurrences combined.

Cabinet Maker Insurance Cost