Alarm System Installer Liability Insurance

Home alarm system installers provide services to their customers that are intended to help them feel more safe and secure. Your customers trust your company to do a good job with the installation and provide a reasonable price. As the owner of the company, you have to keep track of a lot of details and responsibilities. Your primary goal is to keep your business running smoothly and profitably. You must also deal with customer complaints, keep employees motivated, stay on top of supplies and deliveries and more. General liability insurance for home alarm system installers can help ease some of the stress you carry, by protecting your company from financial hardships when problems arise.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When a person is physically injured at your business location, they hold your company legally responsible. This responsibility extends to include work areas, such as when your employees are at a customer’s home. If a customer is injured physically, bodily injury coverage helps protect you from the financial difficulties that can arise. As part of your general liability insurance for home alarm system installers, this protection will pay for the customer’s medical bills and related expenses when they are injured.

Property Damage Coverage

If an accident occurs that causes property damages, your customers will expect your company to fix the damages. General liability insurance for home alarm system installers provides protection in this area with property damages coverage. When the customer’s property is damaged at your business location or job site, this part of your insurance will absorb the costs of getting repairs made.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

General liability insurance for home alarm system installers protects your company if problems arise due to products you have sold or services you have provided. When you sell a product that is later found to have caused harm or damages, your company may be legally liable for those damages. When your company provides a service, such as installing an alarm system, and problems arise due to that service later, your company may also be liable. Products and completed operations protection is provided through your general liability insurance policy to help when these problems arise.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Sometimes lawsuits can be filed against your company for other damage related claims. Personal injury claims for example, may be filed for accusations of slander, libel or character defamation. Advertising injury claims can be file if a person feels your company advertisements were misleading, or contained unauthorized or illegal material. Commercial general liability insurance for home alarm system installers includes personal and advertising injury protection to help if these issues arise. This can pay for the cost of your legal defenses or pay for settlements when needed.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Whether your company rents a retail space to sell home alarm products directly, or you rent office space to manage your customers and inventory, you’ll need rental premises damages protection. This can be included in your general liability insurance policy and is often required coverage before a property owner will lease or rent business space to your company. If you cause damages or loss to the structure, this section of your insurance policy will pay to have it repaired.

Medical Expense Limit

General liability insurance for home alarm system installers may include medical expense limit coverage. This allows you to avoid larger lawsuits or settlement claims when minor accidents and injuries occur. For small accidents that create minor physical harm, medical expense limit coverage will pay for the cost of medical treatment and care without your company having to prove or disprove fault.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance places maximum payment limits on a per person and per occurrence claim.
  • General Aggregate – The maximum benefit level of your insurance policy is known as the general aggregate. This is the maximum payout capacity of your policy for all individual occurrences combined.