Zumba Studio Insurance

More than 15 million people take Zumba classes at about 200,000 locations all over the world (Source: Zumba ©). If you’re involved in this popular fitness method and even own a Zumba studio, it’s imperative that you add obtaining Zumba studio insurance to your to-do list. If you’re not sure why you need this type of policy, here’s a breakdown of what it covers and how it can help you.

Zumba Studios Need The Following Insurance

Business Liability Insurance (GL): Regardless of how safe Zumba is considered to be for most people, there’s still a chance that someone taking a class or merely visiting your studio will get hurt. Some Zumba classes are so full that it’s common for dancers to run into each other, for example, which could lead to sprained ankles or even broken bones. Visitors to your property might also find that one of their personal possessions – such as their purse, vehicle, or workout gear – is damaged or missing after a Zumba class. Fortunately, general liability can pay to replace personal property or get medical treatment for people who are hurt at your studio.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance: If you want your customers and employees alike to feel safe at your Zumba studio, you need to get coverage that will apply to accusations of abuse or molestation. If you neglect to add this coverage to your Zumba studio insurance policy, and someone claims they were abused or molested on your property, you could be seen as at least partially at fault and therefore named in the lawsuit.

Professional Liability (E&O): A major part of your business involves Zumba classes, which is a service, and that means you need professional liability when you get Zumba studio insurance. When you have this coverage, you can protect yourself, your studio, and your employees from being held responsible for any injuries incurred by customers during classes.

Business Personal Property Insurance: If you want to stay competitive when it comes to this fitness craze, it makes sense to ensure your studio is always inviting to anyone interested in taking Zumba classes. This means you cannot allow damage to your building to remain for weeks or months after a fire, vandalism, sewer backup, or any other incident. Instead, you need to get BPP when you acquire a Zumba studio insurance policy so that the proper repairs can be paid for and completed fast.

Workers Comp Protection: If you employ people who teach Zumba classes, answer phones, or keep the studio clean, you need to offer them the protection they deserve with workers comp. When this coverage is part of your Zumba studio insurance policy, you can be assured that any medical treatment your employees need after a work-related injury will be paid for so you do not have to pay for it yourself. In addition, injured employees will be compensated for any work hours they cannot complete as they heal from their injuries.

Umbrella/Excess Liability: If there is ever a major accident at your studio in which a few people get hurt, your general liability coverage might not be extensive enough to pay for the damages. This is why you should get excess liability coverage when you obtain Zumba studio insurance.