Fitness Center General Liability Insurance

When you operate a fitness center, you offer your members the chance to get into shape and even improve their overall health. But along the way, some people will get injured or their personal property will be broken on your property, leaving you financially responsible for the damages. Emergency rooms saw over 24,000 patients for treadmill-related injuries alone in 2014, with everything from abrasions and broken bones to chest pain and head trauma (Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).

That’s why fitness centers of all sizes need fitness center general liability insurance. This type of policy can protect the owner and staff from having to pay out of their own pockets for damages. It can also keep members from having to pay the unexpected costs associated with their medical care or repairs to their personal property.

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Liability Insurance Will Cover These Expenses

There’s a reason that GL (General Liability) is considered one of the most important coverage types on any business insurance policy. It pays for a wide variety of common expenses when an accident of any kind occurs on the business property, including:

  • The fees demanded by your lawyer, any witnesses with expenses, and the process of obtaining the legal documents you’ll need to defend yourself and your business
  • Legal settlements you’ll be expected to pay if you lose the case
  • Any time you have to spend away from your business to work on your legal case, including time in court
  • Your bond premium, assuming the court requires you to get one

Who Is Covered?

When you get fitness center general liability insurance, you can rest assured that it will cover anyone who performs duties for your fitness center. So you can feel confident that you and your staff members will have the protection of general liability if there are any accidents. This coverage also extends to your stockholders, directors, partners, and even relatives if they are ever threatened with a lawsuit after completing work of any kind for your fitness center.

Common General Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury: If anyone who visits your property gets hurt while there, your fitness center general liability insurance policy will pay for any expenses associated with their medical care, such as bills for the hospital, ambulance, and rehabilitation in the future. It will also cover the costs for loss of services if the court requires you to pay for this type of expense.

Property Damage: If anyone’s property is destroyed or lost, and it’s determined to be the fault of your business, the property damage liability portion of your fitness center general liability insurance will cover it.

Products and Completed Ops: If the people who work out at your fitness center develop injuries as a result later on, your fitness center general liability insurance policy will have to pay for the resulting claims.

Medical Payments: If your members acquire minor injuries that do not warrant a complete lawsuit, your fitness center general liability insurance policy will have to pay for the medical bills.

Personal and Advertising Injury: If another business owner accuses you of committing libel, slander, or copyright infringement, this part of your policy will pay your legal expenses.

Damage to Premises Rented to You: If you ever need to rent space for your fitness center, this portion of your coverage will pay for any damage you are accused of causing.

If you’re interested in obtaining fitness center general liability insurance, contact USA Business Insurance today.