Fitness Center Workers Compensation Insurance

Most fitness centers have a full staff of people who make sure such centers run smoothly. If this is true of your fitness center, it’s important for you to ensure that workers compensation is part of your small business insurance policy. Here’s a look at what fitness center workers comp insurance can do for you and your employees.

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Workers Compensation

Medical Care Coverage

When you require employees to work around large machines and heavy weights, there’s always the risk of injury. If an employee drops a weight on his or her toes or gets a finger stuck in a machine, the ensuing medical bills will be your responsibility. The same goes when an employee slips on a rug or trips over a dumbbell and breaks a bone. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for the injured employee’s medical treatment, because fitness center workers comp insurance will take care of that. Whether your employee needs an ambulance ride to the hospital, a quick trip to urgent care, or long-term rehabilitation, the medical care coverage on your fitness center workers comp insurance policy will pay those costs. It will also compensate employees for the income they miss out on while they recover.

Temporary Or Permanent Disability Coverage

Some work injuries are so severe that the employee cannot work for months or even a few years. That’s why fitness center workers comp insurance policies include temporary disability coverage. And if your injured employee cannot work at your fitness center again at all, he or she will get permanent disability coverage for a certain amount of time to help pay medical bills.

Other Benefits And Coverage

Some injured employees find that they cannot return to work at a fitness center, but they can still perform other jobs. When this is the case, fitness center workers comp insurance can pay to train those employees for a different career. And in the rare but tragic cases when an employee is killed while working, the family will get death benefits from workers comp.

Employer Regulations

Most states require businesses with employees to have workers compensation. Since it’s against the law to leave it out of your insurance coverage for your fitness center, you risk getting a fine or jail time if you do. This can put your whole business in jeopardy, so it’s important that add fitness center workers comp insurance to your policy.

Employer Benefits

Most employers find that workers comp is not just beneficial for their employees, but also for their business as a whole. This is because it can protect you from being held personally liable for the medical expenses and missed wages when employees are hurt while working at your fitness center. It can also shield you from the defense costs and legal consequences when an employee sues you for not paying for his or her medical bills after a work injury. Plus, you might miss out on potential employees when they find out you don’t have workers comp to protect both them and your fitness center, putting your business at a disadvantage. That’s why you are advised to get fitness center workers comp insurance today.