Sewer Cleaner Insurance

Just like so many other industries, the sewer cleaning field has been affected by the recession and its recent recovery. It makes sense that as more homes and buildings are being constructed, there are more sewers to clean. That’s why you should be prepared for some growth, most likely at least 3% per year for the next 10 to 15 years. One aspect of getting prepared for the extra business is obtaining sewer cleaner insurance. Take a look at what you need to know before you do.

General Liability

When you clean sewers, you can expect to be at your customers’ homes and businesses quite often. This means there is a chance you might accidentally damage their sewer or even other parts of their property while cleaning. When this happens, you will need to pay for any necessary repairs, and that’s what general liability coverage is for. Without it, you would likely have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket to fix any damage.

Liability coverage can also pay for the medical treatment of anyone who is injured while you are performing your job. For instance, if someone trips over your sewer cleaning equipment, you will probably be liable for the medical bills. But when you have liability coverage, your insurance company will cover the cost. The same goes when you need legal assistance after another company claims you have committed copyright infringement, slander, or libel.

Business Owners (BOP)

Having a BOP is a great way to add more protection to your business, since it includes a few types of coverage. For example, if you have a place of business where you keep your sewer cleaning supplies and it is damaged, your BOP will pay for the repairs. It will also pay to replace your supplies if they have been damaged or stolen. Other coverages included in the BOP include accounts receivable, forgery and alteration, and equipment breakdown.

Commercial Auto

As a sewer cleaner, much of your workday likely involves driving to the homes and businesses of your customers. If this is the case, you need commercial auto coverage as part of your sewer cleaner insurance. This will pay for any damages that result when you cause a collision while driving for business. It’s important because your personal car insurance policy will not pay for this type of claim.

Workers Comp

Whether you have one employee or dozens, workers comp is a necessity. This type of coverage is an important part of your business insurance because it will pay for the healthcare bills of any employees who are injured while working for you. Without this coverage, you will be personally responsible for the medical bills of employees who break a bone, ingest chemicals, or are otherwise injured while cleaning sewers.

Excess Liability

You know that general liability is important, but excess liability is an equally helpful part of your sewer cleaner insurance policy. That’s because its purpose is to pay for any extra costs that you’re responsible for when your liability policy limits are exceeded. If you want to avoid paying out of pocket for an expensive lawsuit, add excess liability to your business insurance policy.