Plumber Liability Insurance

Owning your own plumbers business puts you in charge of your life and destiny. Whether you are an independent plumber who works primarily alone or you employee several other professionals as part of your company, there are many daily details that you must keep track of. You need to schedule new plumbing jobs while working around the needs and schedules of your customers. Sometimes you even have to squeeze in emergency plumbing calls as well. One area where you can rest easier with your responsibilities is with general liability insurance for plumbers.

Bodily Injury Coverage

General liability insurance for plumbers protects your company and your customers at the same time. The bodily injury section of your insurance policy is an excellent example of this dual coverage. If a customer sustains physical injuries while they’re at your business premises, or around a jobsite where you are working, they could sue you for the damages and injuries. Bodily injury protects you from those lawsuits by paying for the customer’s medical care instead.

Property Damage Coverage

Accidents can happen that cause damages to a customer’s property. If, for example, you are performing a plumbing job at a client’s house and you accidentally strip a pipe coupling, this can cause ongoing leaks or pipe failures. The property damages portion of your general liability insurance can pay for repairs and replacements to property that you damaged, or that was damaged on your business premises.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Professional plumbers often sell products in addition to performing professional services. When products are defective in some way however, they can cause physical injuries and harm to the people who purchase them. Your customers may sue your company for the injuries or damages that are caused by defective products that they bought from you. Products and completed operations is the section of your general liability insurance coverage that protects you. When products cause harm or services that you have previously rendered are found to be faulty, this coverage pays for the damages or injuries that result.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Personal and advertising injury coverage applies to damages, harm or other claims of wrongdoing. Personal injuries can include slander or character defamation for example. Advertising injuries include claims that you wrongfully used images or text without the proper licenses or authorization.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

Plumbers often rent space to conduct various business operations. You may rent retail space to sell plumbing supplies for example. You may also rent storage or warehouse space to use as a workshop or to store your business equipment. General liability insurance for plumbers includes rental premises damages protection. If you cause damage to the space that you’re renting for your company, this insurance will pay for any repair costs that result.

Medical Expense Limit

Medical expenses limit coverage is a part of your general liability insurance policy that can help protect your company from larger problems. When a person is physically harmed at your business location, or around your work site, and those injuries are minor, this coverage applies. It can pay for minor medical costs associated with the injury even if your company isn’t at fault for them. Paying for small things like this helps avert bigger problems in the future.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – Your policy will limit how much benefits can be paid for each claim per person.
  • General Aggregate – A general aggregate is the total amount of benefits your policy will pay regardless of how many times claims are made. Once the total aggregate maximum limit is met, a general liability policy will be declare as exhausted and unable to pay additional claims.