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Plumber Commercial Insurance

As a plumber, you are responsible for the smooth operations of critical community infrastructure. It’s not only an important job but it’s necessary to maintain the good health of our citizens.

It’s also risky for you and your employees (if you have any). Every job is different so you never know what can happen when you get to work. Often, everything goes smoothly. Other times, well…

You need gilt-edged insurance to accept some of that exposure for a reasonable fee, of course.

workers compensation

Workers Compensation

tools coverage

Tools Coverage

Plumber Insurance – Commercial Liability (CGL)

Insurance is a major component supporting your business structure. And of that insurance, General Liability is the key coverage. That’s because it covers so much.

For example, a GL policy covers most people involved in your business including you, your employees and directors if you have a corporation and they are found liable when performing official company business.

It typically pays out for the following:

  • Court-ordered bond premium that’s connected with a liability suit
  • All reasonable expenses incurred to investigate any liability including attorney expenses, court costs, witness expenses, etc.
  • Any judgment you’re found liable for if the plaintiff prevails
  • Expenses if you have to spend a day in court or otherwise assist in your defense

Plumber Liability Coverages

Bodily Injury: If a visitor falls while browsing in your shop and gets injured, bodily injury liability coverage will pay for all doctors’ visits, medical expenses and other costs related to the accident.

Property Damage: If a water leak that you inadvertently caused damages the carpet in your customer’s home and the owner cannot use that bathroom for a while, your property damage pays out on any physical damage and loss of property use.

Products and Completed Operations: If something goes wrong with a plumbing fixture you sold or installed or the plumbing services you performed and someone is injured or property is damaged, your policy would pay up to the liability limits.

Personal and Advertising Injuries: If you are ever sued because your business advertising slandered, libeled or damaged the reputation of another, this section of the policy will cover the claim.

Damages to Premises Rented to You: If you rent or lease space for your plumbing business, and cause any damages to that space, this portion of the GL policy will cover it.

Medical Expenses: Minor medical expenses (usually $5,000 to $10,000) will be paid from medical expenses liability.

Buy Plumber Liability Insurance

Choose your liability limit with great care. It pays out in individual and then total occurrences. Once you hit that total limit, claims will no longer be paid.

USA Business Insurance provides GL policies specifically written for plumbers. Contact us today for details.