Printing Shop Liability Insurance

Printing shops provide a wide variety of services to their customers and the surrounding community. Your printing shop may cater to small businesses professionals by specializing in business cards, brochures and catalogs for example. It may instead focus on the consumer needs such as printing flyers and graduation announcements. Whether you provide all or some of these services, you have a lot of details and responsibilities to keep track of. That’s why it’s important for you to carry general liability insurance for printing shops.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When customers enter your store, they are there to purchase something or inquire about your services. Unfortunately there are rare instances where a customer can have an accident inside or around your business that they feel your company is responsible for. Someone may trip on a loose piece of carpeting for example, or slip on an icy sidewalk right outside your door. When accidents happen that create injuries, the customer fully expects your company to pay for them to receive medical attention and follow up care. Bodily injury coverage takes care of this for you. It’s part of general liability insurance for printing shops and it helps prevent your company from suffering financial difficulties if accidents arise.

Property Damage Coverage

When an accident happens that causes harm to a customer’s personal property, they fully expect your company to fix the problem. Your business sign may fall onto a customer’s vehicle for example. Property damage protection is included as part of your general liability insurance policy. This pays for repairs when property is damaged, and can pay for full replacements of property when necessary.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Printing shops sell ready-made products and provide specialized services to their customers. In each case, problems can arise with the finished or sold product. If those products or services cause physical harm to a customer, causes them to become ill, or creates property damages, they may sue your company. Products and completed operations coverage is the section of your general liability insurance for printing shops that protects you from these potential risks.

Personal And Advertising Injury

General liability insurance for printing shops also helps protect your company when claims arise for personal or advertising related injuries. Personal injury claims may include allegations of slander, libel or defamation for example. Advertising injury claims may relate to use of unauthorized logos in your company advertisements, or not having the proper model release for photos.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If the retail space that you use for your printing shop is leased or rented, the owner of that property will require you to protect it from harm. Damage to premises rented to you is the section of your general liability insurance policy that provides this protection. If you or one of your employees causes damage to the building or property that your business rents, this coverage will pay for repairs.

Medical Expense Limit

When minor accidents and injuries occur at your printing shop, medical expense limit coverage can take care of the problem. This is available as part of your general liability insurance policy, and it is designed to help your company avoid larger lawsuits, legal actions or settlements in the future. It offers to pay expenses related to minor injuries without the need to admit fault.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – Each occurrence is a specified maximum payout limit on your general liability insurance policy per person and occurrence.
  • General Aggregate – The general aggregate amount on your policy is the maximum total of payout benefits available regardless of how many each occurrence events there are.