Printers & Printing Shops Insurance

Commercial printers provide services to other businesses, organizations and individuals alike. With so many responsibilities, accidents can happen. Some accidents may seem minor while others are obviously large right from the start. Whether large or small, accidents and disasters can wreak havoc on your business finances. Protect your company assets from immediate or future liability with the right small business insurance policies.

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General Liability

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Property Coverage


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Workers Compensation

General Liability Insurance

General liability is a commercial insurance package that is comprehensive enough to expand with your business needs. It is designed to protect you from day-to-day hazards and unexpected events.

General liability protects you in the event that a customer is injured while at or in your business structure. It also protects you from liability if a customer’s property is damaged in some way while they’re in your print shop, warehouse or retail establishment.

General liability provides protection from product and advertising liability as well. If a customer claims a product you sold or an advertisement you published harmed them in some way, general liability will take care of the damages.

Business Owners Policy (Bop)

Business owners insurance, or a business owners policy (BOP) protects your business property and assets while also providing you with general liability coverage.

Physical property coverage includes your business structures and the contents inside. If your print shop is roof is blown off in a storm for example, BOP will cover the repair and replacement costs.

If the same storm causes water damage to the print press machines inside, BOP will pay for repair or replacement of those as well.

BOP covers improvements you’ve made to your business structures whether you own, lease or rent the space.

If you have valuable documents inside your print shop, such as a customer’s original design, the cost of replacing those documents can be very large. BOP protects you from those costs by providing for losses and damage to valuable documentation.

Documents, files and critical electronic media are protected as well. If a power surge corrupts all of the data on your computer systems, BOP will cover the expense of replacing or recovering the data.

Business Auto Insurance

If your print shop uses vehicles for any business purpose, you’ll want to make sure you have them covered with commercial auto insurance. Even the best drivers can be involved in an auto accident. Business auto insurance covers losses due to accidents and protects you from uninsured motorists. It can be configured to protect you from losses due to theft and vandalism as well. Commercial auto insurance will also take care of medical expenses for anyone involved in the accident.

Workers Comp Insurance

Print shops are successful because they have staff and employees that keep the store running smoothly. When you have people employed in your business, you are required by law to protect them with workers comp insurance. Workers comp takes care of your employees if they are in a work-related accident. If they are injured and need medical care, or they become ill from work related duties. Workers comp provides for temporary and permanent disability, as well as death benefits when applicable.