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General Liability Insurance


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Pressure Washer General Liability Insurance

When running the pressure washing business, there are risks of causing damages to personal property or inflicting injuries to customers. If that’s the case, then the affected party may file a lawsuit against your business or even representatives responsible for the act. At this moment, you need general liability insurance for pressure washers.

The role of this policy is to provide coverage to any damages to property or injuries your business causes to a third party. You still have a chance to defend your business from damages caused through the general liability insurance for pressure washers. The coverage will ensure that it covers your court settlements and any compensations to the affected party.

Your business will have many benefits through acquiring this coverage. For instance, some customers will ask if you have got the coverage before they ask for services. When you are insured, the number of clients will rise which is good for your business. Therefore, it is always good to get general liability insurance for your pressure washer business.

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General Liability

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Property Coverage

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What Is Covered Under Pressure Washer General Liability Insurance

Bodily Injury. Sometimes, your employee might accidentally cause injuries to a third party or even a customer gets injured while at your business premises. If this happens, then your business is liable to pay for medical and any legal costs that arise.

Considering pressure washer general liability insurance is a good idea for your business because it will provide coverage for the medical bills of the injured party and any legal costs that follow. Therefore, you should think further and use this coverage because it will prevent you from incurring additional costs that will affect your business.

Property Damage.¬†There are situations when your employee damages personal property while carrying business equipment. Also, think about a scenario where the employee damages a surface while using the pressure washing machine. At this moment, your business is responsible for directly causing damage to a third party’s property.

You will have to pay for the damages caused to the property and other additional legal fees. However, when you have the pressure washer general liability insurance coverage, it will take care of all the costs associated with compensating owners of the damaged property. Therefore, it will relieve your business from paying some additional costs.

Products and Completed Operations. After your business provides products and services, there are chances that it inflicts damages to property or even causes injuries. If this is the case, then the products and completed operations policy will provide coverage to those damages.

For instance, you may use some chemicals during pressure washing that later on cause damages to the surface or even affects the operator’s skin. If this is the case, then this coverage will compensate the affected parties. At least it will protect your business from incurring additional costs of compensating the affected parties.

Medical Payments. An important aspect of pressure washer general liability insurance is medical payments coverage. This coverage can be a life-saver should a visitor or a customer get injured on your premises or on using your products.

For instance, if your pressure washer causes injury to a customer, the medical payments coverage can pay for their medical bills. It will cover all costs incurred due to the injuries. These are not limited to regular doctors’ fees but may also include ambulance charges and hospitalization expenses.

Personal and Advertising Injury. Another business may file a lawsuit against your company for claims of spoiling its reputation. You can experience such situations because of defamation, copyright infringement, slandering, and privacy intrusion. If that is the case, then your business will compensate the affected party. All these costs will include the court settlement and direct business compensation.

In this case, you need the personal and advertising injury policy to help your business get coverage against such accusations. You still have a chance to defend your business or any representative responsible for causing the damage. Eventually, this policy will provide coverage for all those damages.

Damage to Premises Rented to You. If your business rents an office or even property, there are chances that damages might occur. Sometimes, your employee might damage office property while delivering services. If that is the case, then the damage to premises rented to you policy will cover for everything.

However, in case the damage caused to the property was deliberate and it is proven, then there is no compensation. Your company is responsible for everything and the policy will not work. Another scenario that the policy doesn’t cover is damages caused to a person’s property.

What Is Not Covered Under Pressure Washer General Liability Insurance

  • Intentional Injuries or property damage.
  • Injuries to employees.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • See policy details.

How Much Is Pressure Washer General Liability Insurance

The insurance cost you receive is a sum of your total yearly premiums. Insurers look at several factors before they determine the cost of your premiums. You might have similar insurance needs with other businesses but still, end up paying different premiums. General liability insurance for pressure washers starts at around $26 a month.

Pressure Washer General Liability Costs


$ 26

  • Unlimited Certificates
  • $100,000 to $5,000,000 Limits
  • $250 Deductible Available
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$ 83

  • Unlimited Certificates
  • $100,000 to $1,000,000 Limits
  • Medical Care Coverage
  • Disability Coverage
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$ 17

  • Unlimited Certificates
  • $10,000 to $500,000 Limits
  • Trailer Coverage
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$ 99

  • Unlimited Certificates
  • $100,000 to $1,000,000 Limits
  • Hired /None Owned Cvg
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How To Get Pressure Washer General Liability Insurance

Below are steps that will guide you to acquire the best coverage for your business.

  • You should understand your risks and what is needed.
  • Have an idea on deductibles.
  • Overestimate your coverage needs.
  • You can read through the fine print of the policy carefully and then ask questions.

Other Insurance For Pressure Washers

  • Business Personal Property:¬†This type of insurance protects equipment, machinery, and business property. The main aim is to cover financial loss as a result of damage or destruction of these items.
  • Auto Insurance:¬†This policy helps in covering customers, employees, and any other person who drives a company vehicle.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance:¬†This policy covers employees when they are injured on the job.
  • Tools Coverage:¬†This type of insurance protects tools and equipment, which are bought out of pocket by employees for your business.
  • Surety Bond:¬†A surety bond is an agreement that your company will fulfill the terms of a contract. This type of insurance provides liability to employees who handle contracts on behalf of the business.
  • Excess Liability:¬†Excess liability policy will protect your business if your general liability limits have been used up.

FAQ Pressure Washer General Liability Insurance

Why do Pressure Washers Need Insurance?

You need insurance for your pressure washers because of several reasons such as:

You will get more projects. A lot of clients in the markets prefer hiring contractors with insurance. The reason for doing so is because they want assurance of getting compensated in case of injuries.

It’s affordable.¬†It will cost you about 2 to 3 days to raise the cost of insurance. At least this is enough to pay for your equipment, liability, and workers’ compensation.

The insurance will offer compensation in case of damages or injuries to third parties. The liability insurance policy will cover all the damages caused to individuals.

What are the Risks Facing Pressure Washers?

When the pressure washer’s powerful spray is misdirected, it becomes hazardous. Higher pressure generated has the capacity of inflicting damages to the flesh. The most common injuries people experience are lacerations, bruises, eye injuries, and punctures.

Some of the injuries caused might appear minor in the first place, then, later on, delayed treatment leads to higher risks of getting some serious infections. If this is not treated earlier enough, it might lead to amputations or even disability.

Is General Liability Insurance Needed for Pressure Washers?

General liability insurance is an absolute necessity if your business utilizes pressure washing. For instance, you should think more about an instance where your employee injures a client or causes damages to another person’s property. If this is the case, then general insurance will play a huge role in the compensation.

You need this policy to provide coverage to risks associated with pressure washers. Some of these risks include liability, equipment, and workers’ compensation. At least the insurance coverage ensures your business doesn’t pay any costs when it comes to court settlements in case of a lawsuit.

Is Insurance Required For Pressure Washers?

Some states such as California, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Arizona, and others require licensed contractors to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Workers’ compensation and license bonds are also required in some states. Business owners can be penalized  for non-compliance. Your license could be suspended if proper insurance is not purchased.