Engineer Liability Insurance

Engineers are responsible for making sure a structure, design or location is sound and safe. Your company may specialize in providing engineer services for residential locations when customers want to make additions to or changes to the structure of their home. You may also have commercial clients that hire you to provide the same type of help on a larger scale with skyscrapers, parking lots and other large commercial buildings. You have a lot of details to keep track of, and a lot of responsibility to carry. You can protect your company from some of the common potential risks by carrying general liability insurance for engineers.

Bodily Injury Coverage

When a person is hurt either at your business location or at a jobsite location where you are conducting business operations, they may sue your company if they feel you were the cause of their injuries. Bodily injury coverage is part of your general liability insurance that helps protect you from these risks. It pays for medical care expenses when a person is hurt and helps limit the financial impact each event has on your company.

Property Damage Coverage

When a customer’s personal property is damaged at your business location, or around your area of a job site, then the property damages section of your general liability insurance for engineers can protect you. This insurance pays to have the customer’s property repaired back to its previous state. If the property is damaged beyond repair then property damages will pay for a replacement.

Products And Completed Operations Coverage

Products and completed operations coverage protects you when problems arise due to products you have sold or services you have provided. If, for example, you provide engineering services to a residential home improvement project and it is later found that the structure collapsed due to mistakes your company made, this section of your general liability insurance for engineers will help defray your legal and settlement expenses.

Personal And Advertising Injury

Personal and advertising injury coverage is for protection against allegations that are not related to physical injuries or property damages. Claims of libel, slander or defamation fall into this area for example, and claims of copyright or trademark violations do as well. This section of your general liability insurance for engineers helps pay for your legal defenses when claims arise, and it can pay for settlements or awards when necessary.

Damage To Premises Rented To You

If your company rents office space, or rents other business space at a jobsite, then your general liability insurance can provide you with rental premises protection. This is often required by property owners before they will allow your company to rent the property, because it helps protect them from losses and damages to the structures they’re renting to you. If your company does something that causes a flood or fire for example, then this portion of your insurance pays for getting the building repaired.

Medical Expense Limit

When minor physical injuries happen to a customer and they feel that your company is at fault, you can avoid larger lawsuits and settlements by utilizing medical expense limits coverage. This section of your general liability insurance for engineers allows you to pay for the expenses related to small injuries regardless of whether your company is actually responsible for the harm.

Limits Of Liability Insurance

  • Each Occurrence – General liability insurance has an each occurrence limit that defines the maximum amount of money that will be paid in benefits to an individual person per claim or incident.
  • General Aggregate – The general aggregate amount listed on your general liability insurance policy defines the combined total of all available benefits regardless of how many individual occurrences or claims there are. After this limit is reached, your policy will be unable to pay additional claims.