Workers Compensation for Architects & Engineers

Medical Care

As an architect or engineer, workers compensation is a necessary part of your insurance policy. It will help to pay for the medical treatment that your employees are entitled to when injured at work. Any treatment that is necessary for an illness acquired on the job or injury including hospital stays, rehabilitation, diagnostic tests, and laboratory services.

First Aid Treatment

Your workers are also entitled to adequate first aid care when on the job. The workers compensation business insurance for your architecture and engineering firm should cover the costs of providing this service. In some states, such as California, you are allowed to pay for the cost of first aid treatments out of pocket rather than using workers comp. This allows you to keep your insurance coverage unaffected by small claims, which may cost you more money in the long run.

Temporary Disability

If one of your employees has an accident on the job and cannot return to work within three days as a result, they are entitled to temporary disability coverage. This type of coverage falls under your architects and engineers workers compensation insurance. Temporary disability is designed to give your injured or sick worker around two-thirds of their lost wages. To be eligible for the lost wages replacement, the affected employee must be declared unfit to return to work by a physician. The payments to the worker continue until they are physically able to return to work or, alternatively, until the situation becomes permanent. The maximum length for temporary disability benefits is two years for most types of injury, but four years for some specified incidents.

Permanent Disability

Sometimes, the condition of a temporary illness or injury may become worse resulting in a permanent disability. Or, the initial accident at work may cause a permanent impairment immediately. If a physician declares the employee permanently unable to work, they become eligible for the permanent disability portion of your workers compensation for architects and engineers. The amount that your business insurance will need to pay out to that employee depends upon the extent of the injury or illness. Consideration is given to the worker’s future ability to work at any job, their age, and their occupation at the time of the accident. Other factors may be included depending upon the situation. A maximum amount of compensation is dependent on current workers compensation law. The affected employee may either receive compensation every two weeks until the maximum is achieved, or they may get a lump sum.

Death Benefits

In the worst case scenario that one of your employees dies on the job, your architects and engineers workers compensation will cover reasonable burial expenses. Any surviving dependents may also receive support if they are eligible. The amount is typically paid at the same rate as temporary disability payments. The total amount paid is related to factors such as the number of dependents and whether they are completely dependent or only partially.