Engineer’s Professional Liability Insurance

Engineers provide important services to other businesses, professional contractors, government offices and more. As a professional, you take your job very seriously and understand the importance of what you do. Your customers rely heavily on your expertise to ensure that all of their projects are safe and secure. When mistakes happen, it can cost your customers a lot of money. Some mistakes can even cost people their lives. Protect yourself from potential risks by carrying engineers professional liability insurance.

Engineers professional liability insurance is another name for Errors and Omissions insurance (E & O). This coverage is meant to protect you in the event that you ever make a professional mistake which injures someone or causes property damages. This insurance also protects you from financial losses that can occur when lawsuits are filed even though you have done nothing wrong.

If, for example, you provide a structural integrity report on an old mineshaft, your customers take it for granted that your expertise will keep everyone safe. If your report has an error in it, or if it is missing a critical piece of information, someone could be physically hurt if there is a cave in of the shaft. That customer may sue your company for the medical bills and damages if they feel those resulted from your professional mistake. Engineers professional liability insurance helps you weather the legal and financial storm that can be caused.

Depending upon your level of coverage, an engineer’s professional liability insurance policy can pay for your legal expenses when defending against lawsuits – whether you are at fault or not. It also pays for your losses in income while spending time on your defense, and it can pay settlements or awards when applicable.