Professional Liability for Dentists

Dentists provide critical care and important everyday care to their patients. Whether a patient is in severe pain because he broke a tooth or he simply visits your office for a routine cleaning, he trusts that your professional knowledge and training will take care of him. You are well aware that even a small professional mistake can cause extensive problems for your patients. This is a big responsibility that you don’t take lightly. Even the best professional must be cautious and one of the best ways to do that is by carrying dentist professional liability insurance.

Dentist professional liability is another name for Malpractice Insurance coverage. This insurance provides an important service to your company when legal claims are made against you. Whether the patient’s lawsuit has merit or not, you will have to spend time, money and effort defending yourself. Whether you are at fault or not, Malpractice Insurance helps protect you from those hardships, by helping to lessen the legal and financial impact.

If, for example, your dentist office accidentally mixes up a patient’s dental x-rays, it could cause a family to be wrongly notified of a death. That family may then sue your company for pain and suffering or other losses or damages they claim to have endured due to your mistake. Dentist professional liability insurance helps you deal with both the legal and financial burdens that arise from that lawsuit.

Depending upon how your dentist professional liability policy is structured, Malpractice Insurance can pay for your legal expenses, income losses due to time in litigation, and awards or settlements when applicable.