Business Auto Insurance for Carpet Installers

Carpet installers spend a lot of their work time driving around in vehicles. Whether they’re driving a personal passenger car to travel from one job site to another, or they’re transporting carpeting and tools in a company supplied van, this increase in road travel puts them at an increased risk of having an auto accident. That’s why carpet installer’s auto insurance is likely to be one of the most important types of coverage your company should carry.

Business auto insurance for carpet installers protects you and your company from having to suffer big financial losses when auto accidents occur. Auto accidents can damage or destroy the vehicles you or your employees are driving, forcing you to spend money you may not have for repairs or replacements. Accidents can also damage or destroy expensive tools, carpeting and other important business supplies that were being transported. Your commercial auto insurance for carpet installers can protect you from losing your vehicle and professional equipment. It also protects from damages caused by a roll over, fire, theft and other potential hazards. Bodily injury coverage takes care of the medical bills and expenses that might arise for, you and your employees as well.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance For Carpet Installers

Commercial auto liability insurance for carpet installers is the basic level of coverage that you need to carry by law. This insurance protects your company and any other drivers who might be involved in an auto accident. If you or your employee is responsible for causing an auto accident, your liability insurance will pay for the victim’s property damages and bodily injuries as necessary and defined by your policy. Liability auto insurance will provide protection when you or one of your employees is driving for work duties. When an employee is driving to or from a customer’s house for example, or delivering carpet pads or installation equipment, your carpet installer’s commercial auto insurance coverage provides protection.

Combined Single Limits

Combined single limit, or CSL, insurance policies provide you with protection on a per accident basis. This coverage does not limit benefits based on the type of damages or injuries sustained in the accident. Instead, it provides you with a set maximum level coverage as specified in your policy. If, For example, you cause an accident that injures multiple people, the total benefits available from your CSL policy can be used for bodily injury payments since that is where they’re needed.

Split Limit Policy

A split limit auto insurance policy will only allow a portion of your benefits to be paid for specific types of damages. Each state has minimum coverage amounts that you can legally carry, and your business policy defines its own maximum payouts for both property damages and bodily injuries separately.

For example, if you choose a split limit policy of $100,000/$300,000/$50,000 for your commercial carpet installers auto insurance:

  • Your policy would pay no more than $100,000 for each individual’s bodily injuries.
  • Your policy will pay no more than $300,000 for the combined total of bodily injuries.
  • Your policy will pay no more than $50,000 for the combined total of property damages.

Physical Damages Coverage

Physical damages coverage gives your business extra levels of protection against the loss of your company owned vehicles. For example, if one of your carpet installers is driving the company-owned carpeting van and has a severe auto accident, the van may be declared as totaled. The physical damages protection that you carry on your business auto insurance policy it will pay for the expense of replacing the van.

Physical damage insurance coverage may include:
Other Optional Coverages