Professional Liability for Acupuncturists

Acupuncturists are a relatively new concept in the western world, though popularity has been gaining. Your job is to help your customers recover from illnesses, or relieve aches and pains in a non-traditional yet medically proven way. Your patients rely on you to help them feel better, and trust in your training and expertise. If you make a professional mistake, it can have severe long-term consequences. Mistakes are rare but claims may not be. Protect yourself from both by carrying acupuncturists professional liability insurance.

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Professional Liability

Acupuncturists professional liability insurance is another name for Medical Malpractice coverage used in the medical industry. This insurance is meant to help you when you make a professional mistake that brings harm or loss to a patient. It is also meant to help you when professional claims are made against your company that you are not at fault for. Even when you have made no mistakes, a lawsuit will still cost you time and money to resolve.

For example, a patient may file a lawsuit against your company with the claim that your professional services on their shoulder caused them to be unable to flex their foot. Even if this claim turns out to be no fault of any services you rendered, your company must spend money and time defending itself. Acupuncturists professional liability insurance helps pay for those expenses whether you are at fault or not.

Depending upon how you configure your Malpractice Insurance policy, your acupuncturists professional liability coverage can pay for the cost of your legal defenses when lawsuits are filed. It can also pay for your lost wages while you’re spending time in court, and it can pay for legal judgments or awards when applicable.